Class Vee Is Defining Genres And Breaking Boundaries With ‘House Party’

When you come across a musician with the calibre of Class Vee, you can’t help but pay attention. Victoria Castillo, an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, is quickly making a name for herself.

The band Soltrio (2019-2021) was the catalyst in Tampa. She pursued a solo career after working on many band projects, incorporating elements of pop, R&B, funk, soul, disco, and Latin into her sound. She finds a fresh canvas in each musical style on which to create her auditory landscapes.

Two tracks she recorded in 2021 served as a springboard for her solo career. Her first single, “IDK Why,” and the one that followed it, “Where Do We Stand,” were instant hits throughout the world. Over 30,000 people have listened to her two songs online, proving her growing popularity.

She didn’t rest on her laurels; she dropped another pair of songs that year, the upbeat “Love Resides” and the sensual, Latin-influenced “Kissiera.” As a result of these songs, she worked with established independent artists like MNX on “Bright Lights” (2022) and Molotov.

Class Vee’s newest single, “House Party,” is a dance tune with elements of R&B and pop music that blend together seamlessly. Vee openly enjoys the theme of the 1990s and hopes to revive that sound in her own work, and this song is a musical ode to that era.

The film “House Party” released in the corresponding year of the title, served as the film’s inspiration for the song. The film tells the story of three friends whose scheme to become famous via a home party quickly goes awry.

Class Vee, like the people in the film, is on a quest to become well-known for her art rather than for throwing extravagant bashes. The more songs she puts out, the more confident a musician she becomes, and the more she learns about herself via her art.

As observers, we can’t help but feel lucky to have a front-row seat to her meteoric rise from promising young talent to an established leader in her field.

Class Vee Is Defining Genres And Breaking Boundaries With 'House Party'
Class Vee Is Defining Genres And Breaking Boundaries With ‘House Party’

What kick-started your songwriting journey?
I have always written songs but never with music. It was hard to translate what is in my head to someone else. And honestly, I never knew how to do anything with it. Creating a band is a lot of work, so started producing in 2017, and around late 2020.

I was in 2 bands and one of them was Soltrio which was a 3-piece band. We broke up after 2021 and it wasn’t till 2022 that I dropped “Love Resides” which I wrote and produced back in 2018. I was honestly scared of how it would be received. But I don’t regret it at all.

What’s the most thought-provoking piece you’ve ever written?
I would say Love Resides. It was about someone with an addiction. One of the lines I wrote goes like this:

Time capsules that were crushed, I caught you in the dust. I truly wish a dose of love for you could be enough.

I don’t think some people realize how hard it is to see someone down that path. There are so many strong mixed emotions. And I wanted the video to reflect that because you have someone directly in front of you, you see them but can’t get to them, there is a barrier and the other side is completely dark. But only when they are ready to make the change will they reach out, and open that door.

Where’s your creative sanctuary?
Honestly the Airplane lol. There is something special about being on the plane and you have minimum distractions. Technically no calls, no solar salesman knocking on the door, and nothing to fix around the house so I love that. And after I whisper my songs, I go home and see if it sounds good and polish it home.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
That I am versatile, I can sing and write Pop, Rock, Ballads, Spanish, and Rnb. But it sucks too because I have to make a choice and stick with a style. So, I am still in the experimental phase.

What is your creative process when making music?
These days, I listen for sounds and I look for something that speaks to me. Ideally something with a retro sound between the 80s and 90s and I start singing random stuff to have a count on my syllables.

Once I do, I decide on a topic so I can build the story/purpose for the song. And after I might have my title at the beginning if not towards the end based on the story or lyrics.

What inspired you to write your latest album/song?
So, I was at a karaoke bar, and someone Sang all around the world and I had not heard that song in a long time, let alone someone sing it. And I was thinking man I miss that sound.

So, I started to listen to some New Jack Swing. Then I found the sound and it reminded me of a House Party Vibe. Then it made me want to re-watch House Party Starring Kid and Play. And I was like yo! That’s it right there! That’s the vibe! And in the Music Video, I used the same credit letters/colours style as the 1990s House Party.

There is even a part in the movie where pops say to the kid “I don’t care if Marvin Gaye is at the party you ain’t going” So in the song I mentioned “Even Marvin’s at the party, and just like the 90’s we’re taking it back.”

I wanted to reference kid and play but I did not want to get in trouble by doing the dance or saying specific names, so it was like my version of a house party and I am very happy with how that turned out! And as far as the music side of it, Bruno Mars and SWV was the sound I was going for.

What are the things you do to help perfect your craft?
I try to practice as much as possible. When you are writing your own songs you have to be careful not to sound the same in all of them. Personally, there is a way I naturally go towards to, so I challenge myself by making sure every song has its own energy, melody and style so each is unique.

What are your plans for extending your music beyond USA and Europe?
Of course! I find that my style has better success overseas, In the States the music people push for is different than my style. But hopefully, this song can change that. As of now, I have my songs playing overseas in some stores and I plan to go there myself to promote the song.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?
Honestly creating House Party is the highlight. I was out of the game for a year due to 2 projects falling apart. This is a new style I have not created before and it is by far the most expensive, the hardest I have worked on a song and I am proud of that and how it turned out and all of the people who have made that possible. I am excited to see where things go from here but I am going to work really hard.

As Class Vee’s backstory emerges, one thing becomes abundantly clear: she isn’t just producing music; she is shaping a whole movement that fuses sounds, cultures, and histories in a manner that is both novel and immediately recognisable. And I, for one, couldn’t be happier to take part in it.

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