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New King’s Transatlantic Rhythms ‘Ebe You Wey I Want’

In the pulsating heart of the music scene, we find artists who don't merely perform; they transcend boundaries, crafting a global tapestry of sound. One such artist is Eric Frimpong, popularly known as New King. Rooted in the soulful soils of Ghana and branching out to the eclectic rhythms of the United States, New King presents an entrancing fusion that speaks universally. His latest gem, "Ebe...

CJ Biggerman – Slay Queens Guide (Episode 6)

CJ Biggerman - Slay Queens Guide (Episode 6) CJ Biggerman is out again episode 6 of his Biggerman Thursdays and he titles this one "Slay Queens Guide" where he educates slay queens on how to make it big in this business. Watch the video shot and directed by Justice Dela Avorkliyah below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CvzA2GmkAw&t=0s

Class Vee Is Defining Genres And Breaking Boundaries With ‘House Party’

When you come across a musician with the calibre of Class Vee, you can't help but pay attention. Victoria Castillo, an American singer, songwriter, and...