The Primal Pulse Of Electronic Dance Music Affentanz Releases ‘Hunter’

Exploring the Evocative Sonic Landscape of the German Group Affentanz.

German band Affentanz, influenced by Boards of Canada, has emerged from the underground of the electronic music industry and is progressively carving out a unique sound.

The quartet, consisting of Martin W. Hillebrand, André Hartmann, Moritz Zielke, and Mike Schneider, brings to the stage an amalgamation of talent, diversity, and an unyielding passion for music.

The origins of Affentanz are as deep as their music; the group’s members met in the dead of night and eventually bled into the world of electronic dance music, where their unique combination of faith, understanding, and resonating undertones captivated audiences.

A veteran composer of hybrid score music for German television, Martin W. Hillebrand is at the forefront of live projects. His skill in fusing electronic and orchestral sounds, such as strings, brass, and thunderous percussion, gives the group’s music a distinctive flavour. The band’s dedication to innovation is on full display in this blend of electronic and classical elements.

The infrequent nature of Affentanz’s live shows is one of the things that sets them apart from the competition and keeps spectators wanting more. Rather than being simple concerts, the group’s live shows are full-on experiences that take audience members right into the rhythmic centre of electronic music.

Prior to it, they released a track titled “Safe Place” which quickly rose to the top 16 of the German alternative music charts. Now, with their new single “Hunter,” Affentanz is ready to rule the dance floor.

Infused with raw energy, the vocals and synthesisers in this song are just as powerful as the drums and bass. It’s a song that’s sure to resonate with listeners all across the globe because of the intense feelings it evokes.

The Primal Pulse Of Electronic Dance Music Affentanz Releases 'Hunter'
The Primal Pulse Of Electronic Dance Music Affentanz Releases ‘Hunter’

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
The music industry has changed since music has no worth anymore due to Streaming platforms. What you need is a really idealistic approach. But for me, music is so important that there is no plan B. So the answer is: I am very persistent.

What is your creative process when making music?
First, my Co-Producer Andy Haywire and I meet to work on new ideas. We go down to the basement into the studio, turn on our synthesizers and see what will happen when we dive into music. When we get to something that touches our soul we know that we are on the right path. When the fundamental idea is done we start to work on the details. I love to forget the time in this process.

How long have you been making music and what attracted you to it?
I do music for more than 30 years. For me, it is a way of communicating to the world.

What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome as a band/artist so far?
I think Covid was really hard. Not playing live in front of an audience was very unsatisfying. We hope to play more in the future because we are a blast on stage. Although we are an electronic band we have Moritz Zielke behind his hybrid drum kit that keeps you dancing.

What streaming sites do you think offer the most value to a band?
We just feature Spotify just because we have to reach the most people out there. I use Spotify myself when I search for new Artists too. But their payment isn’t worth talking about.

How do you think social media or the internet has affected the music scene in your country?
Social Media is very important for Artists nowadays but a lot of work when you do not have an agency to do the work.

What are your friends and parents thoughts on your career?
They love what I do because music means a lot to me.

What does your current song mean to you?
“Hunter” is art. We just shot a high-end video done by Cyprian Hercka. Have a look at our YouTube Channel and watch it. It was released on 28.05.2023. Then you can understand the message behind the track. I love it because it is surprising with a deeper meaning.

What is one message you would give to your fans?
Go and support your local artists. Buy their music and go to their concerts. If you don’t the music scene will not service just the big acts.

Affentanz is more than simply another band name; they represent a paradigm shift in the field of electronic dance music. Affentanz is a band to keep an ear out for in the electronic dance music industry due to their distinctive sound and the mystery surrounding their live performances.

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