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Breaking Chains and Catching Ears – Mira Sthira’s “A Fix”

Mira Sthira’s compact but powerful EP, “A Fix”, takes us on an anthemic journey through the tumultuous lens of addiction. Fusing emotionally charged themes with infectiously catchy pop sensibilities, this heartfelt two-track release stakes its territory in the vast soundscape between music that moves your feet and music that stirs your soul. https://open.spotify.com/album/6NYfq86ay3vr2YqbZYoODX The first thing to arrest one's attention is undoubtedly Mira Sthira's potent vocals....

Eno Barony – Game of Thrones (Official Video)

Eno Barony - Game of Thrones (Official Video) Eno Barony of Magic Mindx Music Group has dished out another Hip Hop tune dubbed "Game Of Thrones" shot by Rakil Ghana. Enjoy the video below... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GxP-ZAVNt4

The Primal Pulse Of Electronic Dance Music Affentanz Releases ‘Hunter’

Exploring the Evocative Sonic Landscape of the German Group Affentanz. German band Affentanz, influenced by Boards of Canada, has emerged from the underground of the...