The Gleaming Beacon In The Folk Pop Universe Livi Jacobs Shares New Single ‘Goodbye’

One such game-changer is Livi Jacobs, a diamond in the rough from Vienna, Austria.

We sometimes experience a musical extravaganza that gently changes our view on music and its intrinsic potential, going beyond the bounds of sound and emotion.

Jacobs is ready to set the music world ablaze with his unique blend of country’s endearing authenticity, rock’s edgy rebellion, and folk pop’s endearing openness.

Vienna, Austria-born Jacobs began her musical career at age 6 as a guitar prodigy. Over the years that followed, she dove further and deeper into music, emerging each time with fresh songs that hinted at the formidable musician she was becoming.

For the last two years, Jacobs has been honing her craft in the isolation of recording studios, turning her natural singing ability into something really special.

One of Jacobs’ defining features is the genuine emotion she conveys in her songs. Her songs immediately connect with listeners because of her extraordinary ability to weave together deeply emotional themes, magnificent vocals, and everlasting melodies. This heartfelt connection is what has propelled her to the top of the music industry.

Jacobs is about to release her first song, “Goodbye,” and it’s shaping up to be a massive entrance into the music world. The song “Goodbye” is a wonderful example of Jacobs’ ability to go from soft crooning to impassioned balladry.

Equally impressive as a demonstration of Jacobs’ skill is the fact that her husband and producer, Steven James, was able to brilliantly amp up the track’s emotional intensity with his artistic touch.

Her strong voice and honest compositions contribute to her distinctive sound, which has earned her a growing legion of dedicated fans.

This emerging talent has several intriguing projects in the works that will not likely continue to amaze and move audiences throughout the globe.

The Gleaming Beacon In The Folk Pop Universe Livi Jacobs Shares New Single 'Goodbye'
The Gleaming Beacon In The Folk Pop Universe Livi Jacobs Shares New Single ‘Goodbye’

Who are your biggest musical influences?
My biggest musical influences include Fleetwood Mac, Tracy Chapman, LP, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, and Miley Cyrus.

What inspired you to write your latest album/song?
I co-wrote the song with my scuba instructor who brought the idea with me. I heard the song and immediately knew it had major potential. We finished the song that day and recorded the first demo.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
This song is about the universal pain of saying goodbye to a loved one. I hope to help others going through the same thing with my music.

What was the most challenging aspect of recording your latest album?
Once the demo was done, it was time to finish the song. We had six versions by the time we were done.

Re-recording the vocals multiple times, taking the track apart and rearranging it, and even adding more elements after the master was done, took a lot of time. At times it was frustrating, but it was important to me to capture the message of the song in the instrumental.

What has been your favourite moment or experience as a musician so far?
My favourite moment about being a musician is the initial writing of the song when you just know that you’re on to something. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of writing a good song. The other part I love is performing my songs live and sharing them with people.

How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
I work part-time as a real estate developer and any free time I have I dedicate to my music. It is challenging, especially with tight schedules, but I am living the dream, getting to do what I love most every day. I have a recording studio in the guest bedroom so it makes it easier to have it all in-house.

How do you handle negative criticism or feedback on your music?
I always welcome criticism. It shows me what people want to hear and helps me improve overall. I find it hard to view my music objectively sometimes, so I always appreciate the honest feedback.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry?
The advice I would give is to stop procrastinating and get to work. Connect with people, research the industry, and hone your craft every day.

Don’t shut your eyes and ears, please. It’s time for the Livi Jacobs era to begin.

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