Livi Jacobs Blends Edgy EDM With Soulful Narratives In Her Latest Hit “Better That Way”

Livi Jacobs is the name that everyone knows as the heartbeat of modern pop music. She has recently released a new song called “Better That Way,” which is a great example of how honest current music can be.

Vienna, Austria, is a place with a lot of cultures where Livi was born and raised. When she was 10 years old, she wrote her first song. Since then, she has proven exactly how talented a musician she is.

Throughout her life, Livi has grown as an artist. She now lives in Florida. You can hear her sing in exciting venues in Nashville and Los Angeles. At these music sites, she got better by going to shows where she learned how to write music from seasoned pros. “Better That Way” makes a strong statement.

At the heart of the song is a striking profoundly moving melody made up of distorted voices and beats with a strong focus on bass. What makes Livi stand out most is how openly she says what she thinks. That sounds its best in this sound setting. “Better That Way” is more than just a song because she can merge strong lyrics with catchy music.

Livi’s imagination has grown since she wrote this song. There’s no doubt that her voice is special, even though she experiments with Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

She can do this because she doesn’t have to worry about making her ideas limited. She got started on this new path with the help of the song “Come Together,” which she really liked. It made her think about and agree with this fun way of showing who she was.

“Better That Way” is more than just music. It makes you feel things too. You can feel the rough road of a lost “situationship” in this song, which is about something that a lot of people have been through. As pop and EDM music plays in the background, the story takes the reader through the ups and downs of relationships.

Livi Jacobs Blends Edgy EDM With Soulful Narratives In Her Latest Hit "Better That Way"
Livi Jacobs Blends Edgy EDM With Soulful Narratives In Her Latest Hit “Better That Way”

Livi Jacobs does a lot more than just sing and write songs. Her music shows how people feel and tells stories. The songs she makes show what it’s like to be human.

With the song “Better That Way,” she becomes known in the music business, which is known for being honest and always being able to catch the essence of human stories.

Livi Jacobs is busy with other projects, but one thing is for sure: she is a powerful creative force, and we can’t wait to follow her path with great interest.

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