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“Dear Future Me” By Alexa Perez Is A Journey Through Self-Discovery And Growth

Emerging Indie Pop Sensation Alexa Perez Delivers a Deeply Personal EP That Captures the Essence of Young Adulthood In "Dear Future Me" An important chapter of Alexa Perez's musical career is her recent EP "Dear Future Me", which mixes diary-like introspection with indie pop. The EP is evidence of Alexa Perez's maturity as an artist and a person. In the last four years, Alexa Perez has become...

Ratty Ghana – Fabewoso feat. Captain Smart (Official Video)

Ratty Ghana - Fabewoso feat. Captain Smart (Official Video) https://youtu.be/bubZbrz55-0

Jesswar Releases ‘Waves’ From Their Astonishing LP

Jesswar is a Fijian-Australian rapper who was born and raised in South East Queensland. He is now located in Brisbane. https://soundcloud.com/jesswar-717442131 Jesswar spent part of his...