Obi Alfred Shares Latest Single ‘Mind’

Obi Alfred is bringing old R&B to a new audience and serving as a torchbearer for the genre.

Born in New Jersey and bred in Texas, the Nigerian-American’s unique approach pays respect to the titans of the genre while pushing into daring, current terrain.

Now, with the most captivating songs of his early career, Obi is establishing himself as one of the most significant emerging talents in R&B.

When Obi was a child in Houston, he often daydreamed about having a successful career in music. However, it wasn’t until he started attending college in San Francisco that he started to pursue his dreams seriously.

Processing a terrible split up and adapting to a new life halfway across the nation, he found refuge in music as he started pouring his feelings into his songs. Through his work with renowned vocal coach Tom McKinney, he came to terms with the uniqueness of his voice and started creating his first home recordings.

Following those years, Obi’s artwork had a period of tremendous development. After devoting himself completely to embodying the finest aspects of R&B, he emerged in 2022 with a collection of songs that displayed his genuineness and the emotional depth of which he is capable. This is extraordinary music that will certainly leave a deep impression on listeners located all around the globe.

Through the power of music, Obi and his team of collaborators are dedicated to igniting change in the lives of listeners and making the world a better place.

They have a complete commitment to their craft and are excited about the prospect of realizing their ambitions. Obi is well positioned to make an indelible mark on the dynamic and ever-evolving R&B industry as a result of the consistent release schedule that is planned for the years to come.

It is profound, sensual, and has all of the required components to secure a position on the musical map for R&B. “Mind” colors in the intricacies of falling head over heels for that particular someone.

The first song released by Obi Alfred provides a vivid glimpse into the mind of an artist who has a clearly defined vision and goals that are bigger than life.

The song, which goes by the name “Mind,” is infused with extremely sensuous feelings that are pulled from the aural realm of R&B, and it is contrasted by powerful Pop sensibilities that lend a new vitality to the genre of music.

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