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Apolloïd Redefining Rap With The ‘Mission SDO’ Trilogy

In the world of hip-hop, there is a continual ebb and flow of new talent, but every once in a while, a performance will come along that will seem like a revelation. The very talented Eyst and Mac Keller form one half of the dynamic duo known as Apolloïd, which is based in Neuilly-sur-Marne and hails from France. It's like witnessing lightning in a bottle when...

Akwa P – Yagyae (Official Video) Shot by Holly Image Photography

Akwa P - Yagyae (Official Video) Shot by Holly Image Photography 'Yagyae' video is a creative and interesting piece from the camp of budding artiste Akwa P, which is basically a compilation of people in different settings giving cheeky answers or comments to questions or sentences of other people. It's a catchy hook and the groovy vibe is enough to make anyone's day. https://youtu.be/Da07oRhs74A

Debut Album “VSELUBOV” Marks Etolubov’s Ascent In Global Pop

Ukrainian wonder woman Etolubov released her first album, "VSELUBOV." The title means, "Everything is love, all is love." Thus, with the help of this single,...