Boney Derrington Makes Music Pleasurable With New Song “Oceanside”

We are happy to present you with music that will perfectly set the tone for your weekend. It’s Friday. We always have your back when it comes to that, and our most recent find is Boney Derrington and he is out with “Oceanside” which features Jazzy Divine.

Boney made it possible to dive into a lively musical dreamscape where the seductive notes of a modern love song effortlessly meld with the seductive rhythms of a tropical paradise.

With its fusion of modern charm and the carefree eroticism of an island retreat, this entrancing song takes listeners to an aural paradise where every note serves as a brushstroke that adds dimension to the canvas of feeling.

The seductive imagery and striking pictures create the sensation of sensation, while the lyrics delicately weave a tale that examines the intricacies of contemporary romance.

Enter a lyrical world where stories of stolen moments are woven, with each phrase acting as a creative brushstroke on the love painting as the song transforms into a sensory serenade.

The vocals in the SolStar Pro-produced song have the soft caress of a voice that smoothly and silkily navigates the emotional boundaries, mimicking the changing moods of a close relationship.

Together, they create an elegant and incredibly catchy melody of love, with well-layered compositions that create a sound oasis, with each instrument contributing to the chorus of love.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram.


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