Bad Ass Beauty’s “Typecast” – A Bold Fusion of Rock and Soul

Los Angeles-based artist LaQuinta Prince, known as Bad Ass Beauty, breaks boundaries with her new rock single “Typecast,” offering a unique blend of musical genres and an empowering message.

Bad Ass Beauty, also known as LaQuinta Prince, is a rock musician who hails from the vibrant music scene in Los Angeles.

She just presented a revolutionary rock composition that is ready to attract notice and challenge conventional wisdom. The song “Typecast” is more than just a piece of music; it is also a bold declaration of the artist’s capacity for creative adaptation and personal agency.

LaQuinta Prince is a powerful example of a combination of physique, spirituality, and character, which is successfully reflected in her musical performances. Her loyal fans have rightfully placed the title “Bad Ass Beauty” on her, and it is because she epitomises this formidable synthesis.

Her accomplishments in the rhythm and blues domain were initially lauded, but now she’s breaking new ground by entering the realm of rock music. This not only underscores her artistic adaptability but also demonstrates her unwillingness to adhere to conventional genre classifications.

This artist’s musical inspirations are very diverse, ranging from legendary groups such as Led Zeppelin and Chaka Khan, who are recognised for their tremendous contributions to the music business, to modern powerhouses such as Beyoncé, who is known for their monumental contributions to the music industry.

In addition to her impressive musical background, she has graduated with honours from the illustrious Berklee College of Music in Boston, which is proof of her persistent devotion to enhancing her creative talents. Her accomplishments at Berklee College of Music serve as evidence of her commitment.

Not only does the phrase “Typecast” reflect the merging of two distinct musical genres, but it also stands for an oncoming revolution in the music industry. The skill with which LaQuinta Prince can perfectly integrate the unpolished vigour of rock music with the sincere grandeur of her R&B roots is a monument to her creative genius and serves as a testament to her artistry.

The artist defies traditional expectations within the areas of rock and soul by making use of chords and notes, and as a result, she pushes the limits of her musical style into undiscovered worlds. As a consequence of this, she invites the members of her audience to go on an exciting journey via the medium of her music.

Throughout their whole lives, LaQuinta has maintained a close relationship with the stage by participating in a wide range of performances and activities, such as band concerts and recording sessions.

The artist’s musical compositions are inspired by her own experiences of struggle and success, acting as a reflection of her evolution as a robust and self-reliant personality who faces the complicated parts of life.

Bad Ass Beauty's "Typecast" - A Bold Fusion of Rock and Soul
Bad Ass Beauty’s “Typecast” – A Bold Fusion of Rock and Soul

These experiences serve as a source of inspiration for the artist. These involve addressing issues such as inappropriate sexual behaviour and discrimination based on gender, as well as mastering the complexities of love relationships and the dynamics of family life.

“Typecast” is an enthralling and pleasurable story that delves deep into the investigation of developing affection for someone deemed unsuitable or unattainable. Through the narrator’s journey of confusion and yearning, they discover how to wholeheartedly embrace their vulnerability and experience a wide range of complex emotions. The lyrics adeptly navigate these complexities, resulting in a captivating and entertaining exploration of the human experience.

Some performers, such as Bad Ass Beauty, are playing a key part in redefining genres and creating their presence in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. Bad Ass Beauty is just one example of this. The artist illustrates the idea that boundaries are meant to be pushed with her piece titled “Typecast,” and that the true power of music lies in its ability to defy expectations via its potential to do so.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind “Typecast”?
It was the same for the entire 4 Horsemen album ( soon to be released 😉) It was a whole vibe that just came together and worked! It was unexpected and so different from experiences that made me want to give up on my destiny MANY times. MANY!!!!! But this recording process I just knew. This is it! It was an open and safe space and was able to fully be me. Shout out to Ant G and Allstar Music Empire ♥️

What inspired you to create “Typecast”?
I was crushing on a work colleague. The song kinda wrote itself…

You’ve undoubtedly developed a unique sound and style to fit into your musical journey, how does it showcase your growth and artistic evolution?
I listen to and enjoy all genres of music. As I continue to grow as an artist I want to be challenged with different styles and explorations in my creativity. I feel like the development of this style was a natural process showcasing exactly where I was at the time in my life.

The aggression, the lamenting, the full-on meltdowns at times…but also the cathartic experience of being able to deal with it all in a healthy expressive way that wasn’t typical at all of the music people felt and all out told me I should be doing. IE…black artist = RnB only. Stick to your lane. Yep. I’ve been told that on more than a few occasions…

Can you share the underlying message or theme that you wanted to convey through “Typecast”?
It isn’t that deep…Just sometimes u feeling someone or something that you normally wouldn’t go for. And that’s OKAY!! This particular time I chose to keep it to myself and that’s okay too!

Technology has transformed music consumption and sharing. How do you adapt and use digital channels to reach global audiences?
I’m still trying to adapt. (Screaming!!!) Lol. For real tho I’m just figuring this shit out as I go along. Ask me this again in about 5 years…

Can you give us a glimpse into what the future holds for your music?
I’ve put a core band together of some fabulous musicians and we are rehearsing as we speak! Once I have a live show fully put together and ready we will be coming to a town/city near you in the US then on to global domination. Yup. I said it. 2024 and beyond I’m looking forward to some amazing things happening 🤩

Do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters?
No matter what…keep going. Period.

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