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Tutipsy Ignites the Global Music Scene With Afro-Pop Hit ‘Jaja’

Tutipsy, a Nigerian singer-songwriter based in Germany, is crafting waves in the music world with his innovative blend of Afro-pop that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. His music is a vibrant tapestry of uplifting messages and rhythms that captivate and energize audiences worldwide. In his latest offering, "Jaja," Tutipsy showcases a dynamic fusion of Afro-pop with a hint of Amapiano vibes, creating a track poised to...

Koo Kyei – Yeboli (Official Video)

Koo Kyei - Yeboli (Official Video) Eastern Region favorite highlife/hiplife star Koo Kyei is out with a brand new single titled Yeboli which when translated means, "We partying". Watch Video Below https://youtu.be/76M_yWZzh4o

Abby Carroll Talks About Going From “Lovers To Strangers” In New Song

You may be the best couple in the world one minute and then be complete strangers the next. That is the rapid transformation in...