Joe Lington’s ‘Focus’ Takes Ireland On A Modern R&B Adventure

Move forward Joe Lington has the most modern R&B sound and is Cork’s own musical gem. It’s just as interesting to read about Lington’s quick rise in the R&B scene around the world as it is to listen to his music, which is based on the emotional rhythms of the lively streets of Cork.

As the saying goes, all artistic projects have to start somewhere. For Lington, that somewhere was with her wonderful teacher Lisa Gold Gervais. Not only did she teach him how to play the keys and chords, but she also taught him a lot about the basics of music. Not only the pulsing sounds of Cork, but also the lessons that Gervais taught him made Lington want to follow his passion for what would become his life’s work.

Soon, he was in the middle of a church choir’s heavenly sounds. Even though it was an important step, this time was just a warm-up for his amazing trip by himself. As Lington worked on his singing, he also learned a lot about the complicated world of music production. Because of this, he became an expert in the magic of making sounds.

With every song and note that Lington plays, he gains fans from far beyond the borders of Ireland. He not only has a lot of skill, but he also has an unusual ability to make people really feel things, which helps him build deep bonds with them. It’s nice to hear a song with deep lyrics once in a while in a world full of quick hits.

The most recent piece he wrote, “Focus,” might be the one that best shows how brilliant he is. Besides having great tunes, it’s also a deeply moving look at different types of relationships, from the unbreakable bond with one’s mother to the complexity of love relationships. Lington paints a big picture with his music, full of bright colours that represent love, sadness, and every shade in between.

Joe Lington Breathes Fresh Life Into Classics With "Je Pleure"
Joe Lington Breathes Fresh Life Into Classics With “Je Pleure”

The word “focus” could mean a few different things, but they all mean the same thing: to reach your goals, you need to focus on them.

Joe Lington is an artist who should be seen, that’s not enough of an explanation. He is an amazing musician who is ready to change the deep sounds of R&B.

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