Daclikk Talk About Love On New Single “Sprung”

Their ability to switch gears so rapidly from sounding strong on a rhythm to talking about love is evidence of their adaptability. It goes on to show that individuals have complete freedom to act in whatever way they see fit.

After the popularity of their previous single, “Motion,” Daclikk have returned with another fascinating tune, “Sprung,” which is an opposite from their more typically heavy sound.

The rap group puts up a strong performance on this track, and it’s worth noting that they toned it down for this one without sacrificing their signature flow and style.

The lead tune “Sprung” from their new mixtape “Summer” which has a total of 4 songs will transport you back to your first experiences with love in 2005.

Everyone has had a crush on someone at some point in their lives, and this three-minute song captures that emotion well. The production qualities are fantastic.

Their artistry goes well beyond the surface of beats and lyrics to make the music profoundly resonant, and the intensity of feeling they inject into rap is what makes it so compelling.

The song’s lyrics have a serious message that can’t be ignored. The words have sincerity and depth, which is especially important given that they deal with concerns of the heart.

Listen to the song and follow them on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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