Robin Mukherjee Releases Soul-Stirring Third Album “Further Ahead”

Manchester’s Folk Virtuoso Robin Mukherjee Returns with a Poignant Exploration of Change and Growth “Further Ahead

Manchester-based singer-songwriter Robin Mukherjee has unveiled his highly anticipated third album, “Further Ahead.”

Known for his intricate fingerpicking guitar style and introspective lyrics, Mukherjee blends 1960s folk influences with modern acoustic sounds in this latest project.

Drawing deeply from the traditions of folk legends like Ralph McTell, John Renbourn, and Steve Tilston, Mukherjee also finds inspiration in contemporary acts such as Kings of Convenience, Radiohead, Villagers, and Bibio.

His signature “major key melancholy with a gritty edge” has captivated audiences worldwide, from intimate London venues like The Halfmoon and 12 Bar Club to stages in Ireland, South Africa, India, and the United States.

Recorded at Limefield Studio in Manchester with producers Will Falkiner and John Ellis, “Further Ahead” showcases Mukherjee‘s multi-instrumental talents.

He masterfully handles acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, and percussion, accompanied by Vincent O’Brien on lap steel and electric guitars, and Ben Cashell on cello.

The album centres on a longing for change, addressing themes ranging from political disillusionment to personal growth and seasonal transitions. Each track offers a unique perspective on this overarching theme, reflecting Mukherjee’s thoughtful song writing approach.

Polling Day“: This track was inspired by a major protest in Manchester during the Conservative Party Conference. It reflects on the political landscape and the persistent issues over the past 14 years, questioning the repeated electoral choices that seem to yield little improvement.

Butterflies“: Mukherjee’s first attempt at a love song, “Butterflies” is a delicate exploration of romantic emotions, showcasing his ability to capture vulnerability in his lyrics.

Robin Mukherjee Releases Soul-Stirring Third Album "Further Ahead"
Robin Mukherjee Releases Soul-Stirring Third Album “Further Ahead”

Further Ahead“: The title track stemmed from a conversation with a friend who was candid about her struggles. The song encapsulates the reassurance found in honesty and the strength to persevere through tough times.

Manager’s Mantra“: Written spontaneously just before a studio session, this song embodies the frustration and inconsistencies Mukherjee observed in a particular manager’s behaviour, resulting in a raw and impromptu composition.

Robin Mukherjee’s “Further Ahead” is a reflective and poignant album that captures the essence of change and personal growth.

With its rich acoustic textures and heartfelt lyrics, the album is a testament to Mukherjee’s artistry and his ability to connect deeply with his audience.

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