Matilde G Talks Long-distance Love In New Single “7Oceans”

Matilde G’s new song “7Oceans” discusses long-distance love and includes a music video. The song was produced by Martin Hansen, and the music video was shot by Giuseppe Vergopia.

The 18-year-old singer weaves a lyrical voyage that crosses limits, crafting a tale of love’s turbulent dance across enormous oceans and distant continents.

With this image, you can imagine airy notes reverberating into the ether, bringing murmurs of longing and reflections of sadness, which is exactly what she achieves in her song.

The young Italian singer sings beautifully as she delves into the complications of long-distance love and creates an anthem for the delight of feeling sensations at this very time.

The song’s lyrics serve as an emotional map, charting treacherous waters of isolation and distance with every verse, each of which represents an episode in the narrative of two souls linked yet divided by the vastness of the earth.

The pattern reflects the heartbeats of two lovers, synced across countries despite their physical distance, and serves as an indication that love knows no borders.

Amid the sad sound, there’s a hint of hope—a light that shines through the darkness of despair as it becomes a tune for young lovers.

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.


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