Kristrún’s “Covet” Is An Electronic Album That Explores Heartbreak And Jealousy

The experimental electronic music has a new voice emerging from the beach of Iceland’s south shore. Kristrún in her debut EP of “Covet” as an autonomous musician, composer and music maker is biding attention to that world.

This release is a darker take on heartbreak, jealousy, and loneliness taking place in an avant-garde soundscape.

With parents who were musicians, Kristrún took her first steps into the world of music by taking early vocal training from his mother. This basic experience has developed into a distinctive style that is to be found in her alone.

First of all, her music is exciting to listen to because it combines ethereal and abrasive elements. What distinguished Kristrún’s work was her passion for underground dance music and the adoption of a futuristic soundscape.

In her work, there is also a mix of influences such as trip-hop industrial and avant-garde. This union creates a unique and deeply personal sound that is informed by her artistic approach.

Her debut EP “Covet” is an electronic masterpiece experimenting with envy, loss and loneliness. Thus, envy is considered one of the main themes used throughout this album by Kristrún which transforms and shows her ability to reflect on strong emotions in a musical way. This enquiry leads to an album with tracks that are not only musically deep but also emotionally touching.

A new intensity can be identified in the EP ‘’Covet” which fans of artists like Nine Inch Nails, FKA Twigs and Portishead will find familiar yet fresh. It certainly differentiates itself from electronic music but that is parting down to Kristrún who portrays her artistry throughout these tracks once again defining herself as a leader within this.

Kristrún's "Covet" Is An Electronic Album That Explores Heartbreak And Jealousy
Kristrún’s “Covet” Is An Electronic Album That Explores Heartbreak And Jealousy

Her capacity to combine gentle melodic arrangements with boiling soundscapes gives rise to an experience that is engaging as well as mind-blowing.

Kristrún’s premiere is more than an album; it is a trip through the labyrinth of human feelings in the rhythmic background, colour-sounding electronic beats which are avant-garde.

After ‘Covet’, she sets herself as a challenger in the music industry so there is no doubt that independent artists are defining what tomorrow’s songs will be all about.

This EP is not just a compilation of songs; it’s an emotional journey, the evidence of Kristrún being and any human frailty that stems from complexity as revealed in her darkest piece.

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