Perpie’s New Single “Ututu (Teta)” Is Harmonious and Dynamic

The song very much is what the headline describes. We don’t dramatize anything; everything is exactly as we describe it.

Perpie has released a new song titled “Ututu (Teta)”; it is a lively and soulful song that expands on the rhythmic patterns and erratic tempo of African labour songs.

It’s a wonderful mix of jazz, soul, and folk, with captivating rhythms, calm melodies, and honest lyrics. It’s a lovely fusion of jazz, soul, and folk.

The quality of the song’s production is superb. The infectious rhythm created by the music’s afrobeat influences is tough to sit still to.

Not to mention, she has a new album out called “Ije-Awele,” a 12-song collection that artistically captures her youth, as well as her development as a person and an artist.

The melody works so well with the Canadian singer’s voice. Her singing glides along the beat, connecting with the melodies without breaking the flow.

The impact of slavery, racism, and discrimination on Black communities around the world is captured here in a recording made with a chamber orchestra and a jazz band at Studio Bell National Music Centre.

Perpie says “The idea to record this album in the studio and to record live before with a live audience was simply to relive community spirit. My artistic expression is largely influenced by my growing discovery of my heritage, the rich history of the African people, the power of community, the impact of poverty, pain, faith and grace – all of which reflect my life’s journey and realities,”

Her ability to convey feeling through her singing is intriguing. You’d be making the right choice if you gave this album a listen. Listen to the album below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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