Kaiwyn Shares A Melodious Prescription Dubbed ‘The Cut After The First’

We’ll be highlighting a musician who trained as a physician but now writes songs with a skill that matches his professional background today. Here comes Kaiwyn, a stethoscope-wielding healer and musical master from Australia.

During his adolescence, Kaiwyn documented his experiences via blogs and poems, which marked the beginning of his musical journey. His little stories began to take on a beat of their own, evolving into songs.

His songwriting became a heady stew of several genres as he travelled farther and further across the musical landscape. This collection of songs, however, remained dormant for a time as Kaiwyn focused on his medical studies.

Kaiwyn maintained his artistic identity despite the demands of his medical practice. He finished his internship and residence in the New South Wales city of Tamworth, where he also took part in the 2015 Tamworth Busking Championships. Kaiwyn gave the audience a taste of his musical talent by performing some of his own songs with renditions of well-known songs.

Among these songs is “The Cut After The First,” which is a great example of Kaiwyn’s talent as a songwriter. This song, written in his final year of high school, mixes the gentle voice of Kaiwyn with a gripping story to convey a powerful message of discovery and enlightenment.

In addition to its impressive pop appeal, “The Cut After The First” also has a rich emotional undercurrent. Listeners are drawn into a world skillfully crafted by the song’s lyrical brilliance, and Kaiwyn’s silky vocals carry them there. This combination of self-reflective lyrics and infectious melodies should help Kaiwyn make his mark on the international music landscape.

This song serves as more than simply background music for Kaiwyn’s rising music career. The song “The Cut After The First” contains catchy hooks and thought-provoking lyrics that might endear it to listeners all across the world.

Kaiwyn Shares A Melodious Prescription Dubbed 'The Cut After The First'
Kaiwyn Shares A Melodious Prescription Dubbed ‘The Cut After The First’

A striking intersection of the clinical accuracy of medicine and the emotional range of music may be found in Kaiwyn. This fusion has the potential to revolutionise the music business. Listen to Kaiwyn if you want to hear a new and different point of view. His musical remedy might be the musical cure-all your life has been missing.

Who are some of your most important musical influences?
I hear my parents put up from the soft 60s to late 80s along with other classical Chinese folk songs growing up.

I started to tune into music more attentively around the early 2000s which was lined with alternative pop, rock, and folk artists. One of my go-to albums would be ones from Michelle Branch, M2M, Dido, and Jack Johnson.

Given also, I could speak several other languages, I also tuned into Mandopop, J-Pop, K-Pop, and other World music at that time. My favourite music artists predominantly are singer-songwriters which influenced me to do similar work in my own way!

How did you come up with the idea for your most recent album/song?
“The Cut After the First” is one of my earlier compositions written in high school, which highlights the yearning for intimacy from someone who was deeply entwined with someone else.

I see this a lot in high school in my peers and myself, constantly trying to “find the one” that we get so tunnel-versioned into our fixation until we absolutely churn ourselves out despite repeated heartbreaks. It’s a bittersweet memory that remains raw, definitely a trip down memory lane for me!

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I want to corporate my personal process of realisation, maturation and lessons learnt in life to help listeners feel less isolated. Any experience in life, whether it’s positive or negative is a journey, and we can’t stop pushing through!

What was the most difficult part of making your most recent album?
I am still quite new and fresh as a “formal musician” but the most difficult part so far in making this single would probably be the tolerance and patience that I have put up with since my teenage years.

It took me years to gradually accept that it is okay to start later and try to be rational in my decision-making process as I have always been so impulsive in my younger days.

To overcome this agitation has been rough and even now, I am still trying to tame this, but being more aware of it allows me to be more strategic and insightful for sure!

Tell me about one of the most memorable times you’ve had performing music.
I’ve done a bit of busking in my 20s but given my limited experience doing live gigs with full band, I’d say my last memorable moment would be the time I was performing along with other doctors recently where I work at a dinner function.

I love the energy from the crowd that made me move my body in ways that I’ve not known to move! An absolutely massive learning curve for me! I didn’t think I could rap but I fluently rapped “American Boy” and also took leads for “Mr. Brightside”! It was so much fun. Can’t wait to do more live gigs with adding my own original songs.

How do you maintain harmony between your professional and private life?
Work-life balance is a very crucial part of my equilibrium and I am still trying to make the best of both worlds- music and medicine. It can be tough but I think I just try not to expect too much out of myself.

Give me some workable goals and take them day by day, although I am a person who tends to plan out my future but I just take a step back and focus on things within my control. I avoid falling into the set pathway and the “mainstream ways” of carrying a music career. Just do it at my pace!

How do you respond to criticism of your music?
Constructive criticisms can be a hard pill to swallow but I just take things as it comes, be aware of how I feel after receiving them and gradually digest them. I used to be so hung up on needing validation but I have slowly overcome the need for others to validate myself.

I do take them in as a prerequisite to do some reflection and self-improvement work but take it as my own growth, not how they want to shape me to be. In the end, you live your own life and style, and you need to be satisfied on your own terms with your own products.

What words of wisdom do you have for up-and-coming musicians?
Just enjoy the process of music production and avoid getting lost in expectations or how people would react to your music. Stay true and authentic to what you believe, trust your instincts and stay curious!

Can you share your socials?
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tiktok | Bandcamp

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