J4F Speaks His Reality In New Song “Be Patient”

For a young boy his age, you wouldn’t expect him to deliver such engaging lyrics, but it goes to show that he has what it takes to overcome and surpass your expectations.

J4F, a London-based rapper, has released his debut single, “Be Patient,” which discusses the rise of social media and continually seeing individuals in better circumstances than you.

According to the young artist, this can nearly eat you up since it demonstrates that you are not where you want to be in your life. Not only that, but he has other issues to address.

In the song, he delivers fresh viewpoints and unusual ideas as he raps about people who are attempting to pursue their lives in a direction that does not entail academia and is not accepted by society.

It is personal and honest music told through the eyes of an adolescent from London who wants to create something of himself but doesn’t know how or when it will happen.

His ability to write smart, profound, and impactful lyrics that relate to listeners addresses the pressure and stress that many people experience, which contributes to depression.

He has remained true to himself and his experiences, expressing genuine feelings and convictions through his music, while also adapting to various beats, styles, and subject subjects.

Another characteristic that distinguishes him is that he is socially conscious and aware of his surroundings, using his platform to address critical topics and start meaningful conversations.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram.


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