Ferry Songz Poised To Make Waves In African Music With Forthcoming EP

Hailing from the lush landscapes of Oyem in Gabon’s Woleu-Ntem province, Christ-Ferry Ayemfegue, known professionally as Ferry Songz, is emerging as a new force in Afro-pop and R&B.

Balancing his passion for music with academic pursuits in management in Libreville, Ferry Songz is a testament to the harmonious blend of artistic flair and scholarly dedication.

Drawing inspiration from global music icons such as Singuila, Davido, and Nicki Minaj, Ferry Songz has steadily carved a niche for himself in the music world through various musical competitions.

His rendition of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” at the Castel Live 1 music competition opera was more than just a performance; it was an announcement of his arrival on the music scene, captivating audiences and marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Specializing in Afro-pop and R&B, Ferry Songz channels his dreams of making a significant impact in Africa through his music. His journey took an exciting turn with a trip to Côte d’Ivoire, where he collaborated with renowned beatmaker artist Shado Chris.

This partnership birthed his single “Je Suis Bien,” a track that echoes Ferry Songz’s personal growth and artistic evolution. This single is a precursor to his highly anticipated first EP, slated for release in 2024.

“Je Suis Bien,” which translates to “I am Okay” or “I am Well,” encapsulates Ferry Songz’s journey in music and life. It’s a narrative of self-affirmation, a reflection of his journey marked by ambition and versatility.

His dedication to music, coupled with his academic endeavours, illustrates his commitment to excellence in all facets of his life.

Ferry Songz Poised To Make Waves In African Music With Forthcoming EP
Ferry Songz Poised To Make Waves In African Music With Forthcoming EP

Ferry Songz stands as a beacon of emerging talent in the Afro-pop and R&B scene. His unique blend of cultural influences and his ability to juggle his passion for music with academic commitments position him as a rising star to watch.

With aspirations to captivate audiences not only in Gabon but across the African continent, Ferry Songz is on a path to redefine what it means to be a musician and a scholar.

His upcoming EP is eagerly awaited by fans and music enthusiasts alike, promising to deliver a blend of rhythmic beats and insightful lyrics that resonate across borders.

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