Evol Walks Revisits ‘Sleeping With A Ghost’: An Ethereal Acoustic Transformation

When the Australian band Evol Walks stripped down this version of “Sleeping with a Ghost,” they bravely went where no one had gone before.

The ominous words and heavy music in the song are well known. The song’s version from a year ago is interesting, and it gives us a sneak peek at the band’s much-anticipated EP.

Evol Walks is known for its raw energy and sounds that come from the earth. In this version, the song changes in a small but important way. When eerie violin notes and acoustic guitar playing are added, “Sleeping with a Ghost” turns into an acoustic standard that has a very calming effect. This makes the song deeper.

The song’s strong melodies show how good the band is at writing. The song is now more of a story about the frustration and hopelessness that come from bad, one-sided relationships.

The words make it clear how painful it is to stay with someone who has turned into a shadow of themselves, even though they don’t seem very hard to understand.

The song “Sleeping with a Ghost” is about how hard it is on your mind to be with a lover who is hurting themselves. This great example of how hard it can be to keep trying to fix a broken relationship.

Hearing the creepy phrase “I’m sleeping with a ghost” over and over again makes you think of being linked to someone who is mentally absent, like a lover who has moved so far away that you can’t recognise them.

When played on an acoustic guitar, this version of the song stays true to its roots and makes it better. How the story makes you feel is shown by a different sound and note on the violin. It’s a quick awareness that a love that used to shine brightly is now dying because they are apart.

Evol Walks Revisits 'Sleeping With A Ghost' An Ethereal Acoustic Transformation
Evol Walks Revisits ‘Sleeping With A Ghost’ An Ethereal Acoustic Transformation

This song that has been fully remade shows how skilled Leah Martin-Brown is as a singer and producer.

When her voice is mixed with the guitar and fiddle, the music becomes very beautiful and magical.

While making an acoustic echo that will stay in people’s hearts for a very long time, Evol Walks doesn’t just sing a song in this new version. The band also tells a scary story about love and loss.

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