Ettie Unveils An Unapologetically Queer Twist In Her ‘Last Best Lover’

Ettie, a graduate of English Literature not only with a great passion towards bottling the core of the mid-twenties ennui but also unique in her ways, has created a unique niche for herself in the world of music storytelling.

Known for her witty puns and artistically arranged storylines, Ettie is fast emerging as another familiar name for people, as individuals find her soul honest and reflect relevant positive petals of herself.

Her music, in a way, represents the realities of queer love and life experiences depicted in its melody which seems to reflect a sense of déjà vu a fresh understanding of life with a blend of the comforting past.

During the last two years, Ettie has experienced much change, which is mapped and woven into her musical. As a gay artist, her music is characterized by an upbeat feel of self and identity expression reflecting the true essence of her journey.

The first EP by Ettie is called ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’, where the song ‘I’m Sorry to My Ex’ stands brilliant as Ettie becomes the vivid representative of the queer-pop scene. As her subsequent releases, such as the liberating ‘queer anthem ‘Marty McFly’, suggest, listeners are listening to a journey which alludes to a period of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Influenced by artists such as Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, and Pale Waves combined with the essence of 00s boybands and 80s female-fronted rock, Ettie’s sound is that rare balance between realness and thrill. Using her voice she creates a new perspective of rock, narrations that resonate with a lot.

Ettie’s music and culture path has been a self-acceptance one and an evolution one. From Ettie wondering about her rhyme in love ballads to her identity as a songstress through ‘Last Best Lover,’ her transformation epitomizes.

Ettie Unveils An Unapologetically Queer Twist In Her 'Last Best Lover'
Ettie Unveils An Unapologetically Queer Twist In Her ‘Last Best Lover’

“Last Best Lover”, on the one hand, bridges Ettie’s lyrical mastery which translates to love in one of its purest forms. The song makes people listen to it again and again, there is even gossip that looping ‘Last Best Lover’ for 69 hours might bring luck with success in a relationship to have a lover.

Ettie stands out not only because of his musicianship but somewhat because she can speak for, and of, a generation trying to find their way through the complicated landscapes of love and self.

Now, Ettie is not only a musician she is the voice of the queer community, the flag of authenticity and a lighthouse for those who want to understand and celebrate their identities through the power of music.

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