Ettie Lights Up The Alt-Pop Landscape With Latest Single ‘Miserable Life’

Ettie, who was born and raised in London, is a phenomenon in the music industry because of her lyrical alchemy, which transforms cultural touchstones and personal histories into pure alt-pop gold.

She is able to compose alternative pop songs that speak to the anxiety that is felt by millennials because of the gift of being able to play with words.

Ettie, who has a degree in English literature, approaches each song as a verse in her own developing epic. Her music is replete with the type of authenticity that cuts through to the very core of the listener’s being.

Ettie has gone through significant growth and change over the course of the previous two years. She has weaved her experiences into her music, producing songs that vibrate with honesty and dynamic self-expression. She is proud of her status as a gay musician, and she has embraced it as part of her artistic persona.

Ettie has made a triumphant comeback to the music industry after taking a short break for personal reasons. This break has been very beneficial for her, as it has given her the opportunity to perfect her musical abilities and develop into an even more captivating musician. Her most recent album functions as her journal, her manifesto, and her proclamation of independence, all bundled into one tumultuous offering.

The outstanding tune on the single is titled “Miserable Life,” and it is a cathartic hymn for everyone who has battled through the onslaught of hardship with grace and resolve. This song is a powerful demonstration of tenacity and the ability to maintain one’s dignity in the face of adversity. It ought to be heard by everyone. This is a three-minute ode to everyone who has ever desired that their oppressors might experience life from their point of view for just one day.

The music of Ettie is a link between different periods, a combination of the recent past and the current day. The remnants of emo nostalgia and the challenges of contemporary life come together in an amalgam of genuine emotion and captivating melodies in this song.

Ettie takes the pop-punk sound that has been popularised by artists such as Avril Lavigne and Blink-182 and gives it her own distinctive twist, so producing a sound that is unmistakably her own.

Ettie’s ability to create music that anybody can identify with sets her different from other artists, however. Her fiery outbursts, rich harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics touch the hearts of her audience members and bring back memories of their own struggles and victories.

Ettie Lights Up The Alt-Pop Landscape With Latest Single 'Miserable Life'
Ettie Lights Up The Alt-Pop Landscape With Latest Single ‘Miserable Life’

Her message of resiliency and self-affirmation is conveyed with steadfast precision and strength because of Ettie’s ageless poetry, which serves as the highly honed axe, while the smashing guitars work as the grindstone, making it possible for her message to be heard.

Ettie is a breath of fresh air in a landscape that is often inhabited by superficial fluff in the music industry. Her music is a shining example of genuineness, a rallying cry to accept one’s own truth, regardless of how messy or convoluted that may be. This London legend isn’t just performing songs; she’s also delivering tales, and they’re the kinds of things we should all benefit from hearing.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Number one will always be Hayley Williams, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift. I am so captivated by women who have a lot to say and know just how to say it to get right under your skin.

Sonically my influences stray more into pop-punk, and you see my teenage angst-fuelled love of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy in all my tracks. But at the end of the day, my heart belongs to great songwriting.

What inspired you to write your latest album/song?
There is a line in the song which is “Spite is my biggest motivator” and, if I am being truly honest, that is the root of most of my life. I am hugely motivated when someone tells me either I can’t do something, or I’m not right for something, to prove them wrong.

And when I was writing this song I was thinking of someone who really, undeniably and almost embarrassingly, tried to make my life hell for a significant period. This song is me getting my own back. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I want people to get in their feelings. I’m a very outspoken emotional person, and I love talking about my feelings. I want my songs to give people the space to indulge in their own. (They’re also, like, really gay.)

What was the most challenging aspect of recording your latest album?
I took some time off from music and writing because I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I needed to take time away from my craft and it was so hard. It took me months to be able to put pen to paper again. But as soon as I started writing again I couldn’t stop, so there’s a lot of music to come.

What has been your favourite moment or experience as a musician so far?
Playing venues that I used to pay entry to get into. It blows my mind every time I get to play a show, but especially when it’s at a venue like Brixton Jamm or The Fiddler’s Elbow, where I’ve paid to see other people perform, that’s just such a delectable feeling.

How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
With great difficulty! No no, I’m joking. Music is my greatest passion, and the other choices I make in my life are to either finance or support it. When it gets difficult I just remind myself of what I am working towards. And I have great people in my life who support me, that’s so important.

How do you handle negative criticism or feedback on your music?
Cry myself to sleep.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry?
Don’t cry yourself to sleep if someone doesn’t like what you make. Art is subjective, and the numbers on a screen don’t mean anything. If you have impacted one person, even if that person is yourself, that is enough to keep going.

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