Edie Yvonne Strikes A Chord With Teen Anthem “15 (When I Leave)”

15-Year-Old LA Songstress Edie Yvonne Captures the Heartache and Hope of Teenage Transition “15 (When I Leave)

Edie Yvonne from Los Angeles brings us a touching look into the life of a teen in “15 (When I Leave).”

As Edie Yvonne gets ready to start at a new high school, she shows how raw it is to leave behind what you know and face what you don’t know.

15” stands out as a strong song for teens who are managing the rough seas of growing up. The first line of the song, “I’m leaving,” is a reflection on self-discovery in youth and the often painful process of moving on.

There’s a raw, real quality to Edie Yvonne‘s voice that goes well with the themes of the song.

People are drawn into her world by the way her voice sounds like it is both weak and strong. “15” has a professional but personal sound, which lets Edie Yvonne‘s emotional performance shine through.

The emotional build up at the end of the song shows the inner turmoil and the need to be heard: “I know you can’t hear me screaming out…”

This intense build up is like the ups and downs of childhood, which makes “15” a meaningful piece for anyone who has been through the tough parts of growing up.

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In “15,” Edie Yvonne makes the complicated life of a teen very clear. Her deep words and catchy tune show that she is a young singer with a lot of promise.

The track’s balanced look at sadness and hope gives a detailed picture of what it’s like to be a teenager, serving as both a mirror and a comforting friend to her peers.

Edie Yvonne stands out in the music scene because she can express such deep feelings at such a young age. With “15,” she not only shares her own story, but she also makes a song that all kids can relate to.

Edie Yvonne Strikes A Chord With Teen Anthem 15 (When I Leave)
Edie Yvonne Strikes A Chord With Teen Anthem 15 (When I Leave)

As she continues to change and grow, her music will be there for her through all of life’s ups and downs.

15” is now available on all major streaming services, and it lets people join Edie Yvonne on her journey of finding herself and expressing her feelings.

Watch out for this growing star because she is still touching the hearts and minds of young people.

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