Bruce Sudano Illuminating The Music Scene With ‘Two Bleeding Hearts’

Bruce Sudano, a native son with big dreams, an American music legend, he has written songs recorded by the likes of Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and his late, Grammy-winning wife, Donna Summer.

Sudano not only writes songs but also runs the record label Purple Heart Recording Company.

Sudano’s first band was founded when he was just 13 years old, marking the beginning of his extraordinary musical career. A year later, Sudano would continue his never-ending voyage through various musical collectives by performing in nightclubs.

Sudano’s ability to fit in with the rhythm of different groups was on display throughout their careers, from the Silent Souls and Doctors We’re Not to The Fifth Prophecy. His biggest hits, though, were Alive N Kickin’ and Brooklyn Dreamin’, both of which topped the charts.

Due to his natural talent for storytelling, Sudano is able to incorporate tales of love, loss, struggle, and spirituality into his music. His broad life experiences and deep ideas weave themselves into poetic tapestries that are both genuine and relatable to his listeners.

Sudano’s early career was characterised by band performances, but it was his skill as a songwriter that ensured his position in music history. Sudano turned his lifelong interest in making music into a career when he began forming bands.

Sudano has recently enthralled listeners with the release of a music video for his song “Two Bleeding Hearts.” Valerie Simpson, one-half of Motown’s celebrated Ashford and Simpson duo, contributes her iconic voice to this lovely duet.

While Sudano plays the guitar and Simpson the piano, their voices blend in harmony to create a moving performance. Simpson’s frank praise of Sudano’s song demonstrates the composer’s skill to the fullest.

The acoustic chords of “Two Bleeding Hearts” echo the ups and downs of a failing relationship, while the words create a dramatic story. The song takes its audience on an emotional roller coaster, from anguish and optimism to a possible road to reconciliation.

It paints an unflinchingly honest picture of a relationship on the brink, ratcheting up the tension as we wonder who will make the first move towards making amends.

Bruce Sudano’s profound musicianship and ability to write heartfelt ballads continue to have a profound effect on the music industry. His rise from the Brooklyn bars to the international stage is a demonstration of the transformative power of music and the art of storytelling.

What kick-started your songwriting journey?
As a nine-year-old, I got taken to a Murray the K’s rock ‘n’ roll show at the Brooklyn Fox. I was mesmerized. I started collecting 45s and became intrigued by the names in parentheses underneath the song titles.

These were the songwriters. Something inside me aligned with this. This was who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a songwriter. I feel like it was a calling.

Bruce Sudano Illuminating The Music Scene With 'Two Bleeding Hearts'
Bruce Sudano Illuminating The Music Scene With ‘Two Bleeding Hearts’

What’s the most thought-provoking piece you’ve ever written?
For someone who’s been writing songs for over 50 years, that’s a difficult question and may be better answered by someone who listens to my music. It could be a song about the passing of time (In the Garden of November).

It could be a song about loss (See You When I Get There). It could be a song about the divorce of my parents (Starting Over Again). It could be a song about bad girls. It could be a song about the American sunset.

It could be a song about the many colours of who we are (I’m A Rainbow), or it could be one of my two new singles, “Make the World Go Away”, which is an upbeat lament about escaping from the stress we all experience these days or “Two Bleeding Hearts,” which deals with forgiveness and reconciliation. I don’t know, maybe you can decide.

Where’s your creative sanctuary?
If I had to choose one creative sanctuary, I would say it’s my studio space in Milan. It’s there where I find the most unencumbered and the freedom to daydream.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?
Probably my ability to make an emotional connection with the listener so that they see themselves in the stories and the songs.

What is your creative process when making music?
I sing and play in a stream of conscious fashion, usually with no particular thought in mind until I stumble upon something that feels inspired. Once I have that, I apply the craft of songwriting.

What inspired you to write “Two Bleeding Hearts”?
I was having a simple conversation with my wife Francesca. Just sitting on the couch and from out of nowhere things got said and it escalated into an argument. Both of us were steamed and went to different rooms and then had to decide to be graceful and forgive.

Is this your first project with Valerie Simpson? How did you decide to make this song a duet with her? How did the creative partnership come about?
Yes, this is my first project with Valerie. When I wrote the song I felt it needed to be a duet. I wasn’t sure who the partner would be and somehow in an attempt to think outside the box. I landed on Valerie, she just popped into my mind.

I reached out to her, sent her the song and she agreed to do it. I’m very grateful to her. Not only is she super talented, but she is also kind and generous. After all, she’s one of the iconic singer/songwriters of our generation.

What advice do you have for other artists and songwriters to help them on their creative journey?
Listen and learn from others but strive to be your unique self. Don’t get caught up in following trends and let honesty be the underpinning of everything you create.

What are your plans for additional tours outside of the US beyond your recent UK tour? I understand you split your time between the US and Italy. Do you perform in Italy too? Let us know any upcoming tour dates you want us to share.
I actually don’t have any dates on the books right now, but my next album which is called “Talkin’ Ugly Truth, Tellin” Pretty Lies will be released in September.

The plan is to book some shows around that. As of now, I’ve only done a few guest spots on shows in Italy but I’ve begun putting an Italian band together in hopes of doing a club residency in Milan and then taking it on a tour around the rest of the country and Europe.

What’s the highlight of your career so far?
I don’t think much about highlights but in running through my thoughts right now I landed on this. It was 1970, I was in the basement of my friend’s house in Brooklyn and “Tighter, Tighter” came on the little transistor radio we were listening to.

I was in a band at the time called Alive and Kicking and this was our first single. It was thrilling to hear the song on the radio for the first time.

What are future plans for your music and you as a brand?
My plans for my music are always the same. Trying to get better, refine what I do even more, keep evolving, stay engaged, and connected with people and life.

I don’t consider myself a brand, I’m just a man living his life trying to spread as much light as I can.

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