XOLYDIA Debuts With “Summer Waltz” Ahead Her Forthcoming EP “Summer’s Dream”

Swedish Singer-Songwriter XOLYDIA Weaves Poetic Narratives with Folk and Indie Pop “Summer Waltz

New Swedish singer XOLYDIA‘s dreamy first EP, “Summer’s Dream,” is sure to charm the music world.

With the first song, “Summer Waltz,” a new sound in indie and folk pop music was born. XOLYDIA and producer Sara Idani work together to make a sound that is both deep and personal. They are known for combining atmospheric synths, ambient strings, and flute.

XOLYDIA‘s musical journey is very personal, and it shows how much she loves telling stories and how she learned to play traditional music. She moved to London in 2020 to follow her dream, and from BIMM London she got a degree in Music Performance and Music Production.

Aurora and Mitski, Lana Del Rey, and Swedish songs are just some of the artists that have influenced her. As a result, she has a unique sound that is both warm and sad.

The five songs on the “Summer’s Dream” EP are about friendship, personal growth, mental health, and the effects of war. Each one has a beautiful, calm soundscape.

XOLYDIA‘s first album is a sound trip through the landscapes of human experience and feeling. Based on a quiet afternoon by the Thames, the lead song “Summer Waltz” is about changing and starting over inside.

This song, which sounds like a mix of Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling, marks a big turning point in XOLYDIA‘s life.

The EP was recorded in a cosy home studio and has the smooth production style of Akashic Records, which is meant to make fans feel like they are in on a secret performance by XOLYDIA.

XOLYDIA Debuts With "Summer Waltz" Ahead Her Forthcoming EP "Summer’s Dream"
XOLYDIA Debuts With “Summer Waltz” Ahead Her Forthcoming EP “Summer’s Dream”

As XOLYDIA‘s first album, “Summer’s Dream” is a captivating work that shows off her skill at combining creative stories with rich, atmospheric music.

Each track takes listeners on a trip of reflection, with beautiful moments, deep reflection, and emotional impact that are sure to hit home with a wide range of listeners.

XOLYDIA is a skilled singer-songwriter whose songs have both personal and general themes. “Summer’s Dream” makes her a standout newbie in the indie and folk pop genres.

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