Vancouver’s Kärma Sounds Melds Generations In Song with ‘Mysterious’

The rest of the world knows Karina Morin as Kärma Sounds. She is currently working on a story that is both up-to-date and soulfully nostalgic while living in the heart of Vancouver’s bustling music scene. There is something about her music that makes it feel both new and oddly familiar at the same time.

This artist’s newest song, “Mysterious,” is an outstanding representation of her unique mix. It’s an enticing song for people who like soul, funk, and dance right now because it starts with funk disco beats and tells beautiful, captivating stories all the way through.

There are multiple hints from Kärma Sounds that they have a lot of respect for music. This suggests that they have been connected to the industry for a long time.

When she was little, her father, who was an outstanding musician, would play her music that had jazz, funk, and soul in it. This went on all through her childhood. She discovered not long ago that her great-uncle on her mom’s side was a Torah singer and that this was something that was passed down to her.

Lots of different artists, like Sade, Chaka Khan, The Eurythmics, Fleetwood Mac, and Norah Jones, have influenced Kärma.

There are electro-pop elements in her score that are similar to those of Jesse Ware and Kali Uchis. It also has a beautiful and honed melody.

Her voice is without a question one of the best things about her. It has a sensual beat that flows within the listener and drags them into the ambience she makes. It sounds like a mix of Daft Punk and Sade’s music, with vocoder recognises and funky rhythms adding to the sound.

Vancouver's Kärma Sounds Melds Generations In Song with 'Mysterious'
Vancouver’s Kärma Sounds Melds Generations In Song with ‘Mysterious’

Even more so than the songs, “Mysterious” tells a story that makes you feel things. That’s how the story goes: the souls of two people meet by chance, and the enchantment of a first look is captured. Kärma Sounds says it’s a brief but lasting moment when it seems like time has stopped and the whole world is lost in an embrace that goes beyond all periods.

Kärma’s multiple abilities are displayed in the song “Mysterious,” which mixes soul music, funk music, disco music, and dance music into a unique but generally accessible melody. This is a big step in her always-evolving artistic career, and it shows how well she can mix different types of art.

Along with her music, Kärma Sounds stands out in a world that is desperate for real talent. Her stories are also what makes her stand out; they are honest and move people. If you listen to her song “Mysterious,” she will take you on a musical trip that will be both difficult and beautiful.

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