V Of 40M’s “The Score” Shakes The Foundations Of Hip-Hop

V of 40M‘s Revolutionary Single “The Score” Features 40M Tye and Hippie G, Produced by LABACK

The great and still active rapper of the legendary V of 40M, is back with a new and strong single “The Score”, with 40M Tye and Hippie G and produced by LABACK.

V of 40M is a new songwriter who is also the founder of Forty Million Strong (40M), an organization of black independence that stands for the struggle against racial discrimination.

Since his songs are actually connected with this mission, it can be stated that he creates some kind of fusion between the message and music.

Produced by LABACK and blessed by Pitt County rapper V of 40M, “The Score” is a composition that brings together the powerful rhythms of hip-hop with the electronics and fluttering lead placements of electronic music.

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The song follows up on V of 40M’s first successes with the release of “No Church on Sunday” and the equally powerful “Martin Luther” could see how this artist was determined to change the world through music.

The Score” is one of the highly important stages in the development of V of 40M as he brings about intellectual punch of music along with the dexterous edge of LABBACK.

In the same way The Fugees created a modern soundtrack, V of 40M, together with 40M Tye and Hippie G. brings another revolution – after listening to the song all you want to do is put it on replay.

The collaboration enriches the soundscape, takes the cultural immersion in a new dimension and gives 40M anthem a new sense of meaning.

The Score is a cry for action much in the same spirit as Forty-Million Strong. This track serves as a solid proof of V of 40M’s commitment to the message he promotes, as well as his mastery of weaving strong messages around catchy beats and riffs.

V Of 40M's "The Score" Shakes The Foundations Of Hip-Hop
V Of 40M’s “The Score” Shakes The Foundations Of Hip-Hop

If you are a hip-hop aficionado or if social issues interest you, then “The Score” should be on your to-play list.

This was the kind of feeling one obtained when listening to V of the 40M continuing to redefine and redefine the landscape of hip-hop one track at a time and providing music that was being made to make a difference.

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