Unveiling “Dirty Habit”: Wexford’s Raw Anthem Of Self-Reflection

Sandusky’s Rising Stars Wexford Ignite the Alternative Rock Scene with Grit and Authenticity “Dirty Habit”

Wexford is from Sandusky, Ohio, and is in the middle of everything. They mix punk and post-hardcore styles to make their sound.

When Shawn and Jeff joined Wexford in 2023, things got off to a good start. Their artistic visions fit together so well that it was hard to say no.

Silent Key“, their long-awaited album, takes a deep look at what it means to be human. Songs like “Dirty Habit” are both upbeat and thoughtful.

Dirty Habit” shows many different vices, habits, and doubts and then urges its viewers to face their own problems by delving into the confusing depths of personal feuds.

The honest rock song “Dirty Habit” captured the salty pull of rock music in its best form, with unchecked anger and energy.

This song sounds great when played loud and clear because it has a strong beat and flowing melodies that make you feel like you’re on fire.

Unveiling "Dirty Habit": Wexford's Raw Anthem Of Self-Reflection
Unveiling “Dirty Habit”: Wexford’s Raw Anthem Of Self-Reflection

A lot of people are looking forward to “Silent Key,” which will be released in June 2024.

It will be one of the most anticipated events in this band’s history. Wexford is about to make history in the world of alternative rock, one song at a time. They are genuine and dedicated to telling the truth no matter what.

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