Unearthing Perfection In Imperfection With Liloe Rix ‘Imperfections’ EP

Liloe Rix, a singer-songwriter-composer originally from Utrecht, the Netherlands, is an entrancing performer who wins over listeners with the honesty and sincerity of her songs.

Her songs, which include a distinctive blend of gritty edge and gentle acoustic overtones, provide a window into her creative process and unique vision.

In her own bold way, she delves into the fears, doubts, and emotional ups and downs of being a young adult in the twenty-first century. Clearly influenced by the likes of Maggie Rogers, Jade Bird, and HAIM, Rix’s guitar skills are hard to miss.

In a way, the release of her new EP, named “Imperfections,” marks a turning point in her musical career. This collection of six original folk songs dives into her journey to find acceptance in vulnerability and flaws.

During her bout with burnout, music was her only solace, and its reflection in her work is poignant. Rix’s strength of character is on full display in the songs she wrote about her road to recovery, in which she offers hope and direction to anyone who may be going through anything similar.

A key component of her journey towards self-acceptance and development was recording this EP as an expression of her struggle with the need to be flawless.

During the recording process, Rix and her producer took a risk by using the energy of their missteps. The scratchy demo guitar sounds and the cramped piano seat that some may consider defects ended up being the best parts of the songs, giving them more depth and authenticity than the final, polished versions.

Unearthing Perfection In Imperfection With Liloe Rix 'Imperfections' EP
Unearthing Perfection In Imperfection With Liloe Rix ‘Imperfections’ EP

Rix’s story of rehabilitation and resilience is told in “Imperfections,” a narrative meant to inspire readers and listeners. Her underlying message that music can provide consolation and strength even in the middle of burnout is profound.

In “Imperfections,” Liloe Rix skillfully crafts a musical manifesto, reminding us that it is frequently in our defects and shortcomings that we discover our deepest truths.

Who are some of your most important musical influences?
Some important musical influences are artists like Tash Sultana, HAIM, Maggie Rogers, Jade Bird, and KT Tunstall. All really cool female artist, mostly with guitars, that inspires me for my music. Maybe because I can recognize a part of myself in an artist like them. And of course because of their awesome music.

How did you come up with the idea for your most recent EP Imperfections?
As creatives we would like everything perfect, but does it exist? I struggled a lot with this concept and writing this EP was part of the process to let go of perfection.

Also in the recording process, my producer and I decided to use the little accidents that we made and chose to use them in a creative way. Like a squeezing piano chair or the rough demo, guitar tracks that they liked more than the new ones we recorded again.

I wrote these songs also in a period after I went through burnout. So writing these songs was also part of my healing process, like writing about my own limits, dealing with anxiety and letting go of fear.

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I hope that other people with anxiety or other mental health issues, that they hear or know that they are not alone in dealing with this.

In the time that I was working on my mental health, it really gave me a strong feeling when I listened to another artist that understand that feeling. So what I can do as an artist now is to share my own story and hope that it inspires others when they need it.

What was the most difficult part of making your most recent EP?
The most difficult part of a creative process is to finish it. A creative process is a going on process and you have to give yourself a deadline and say, okay this is what you created now, it is finished and let’s go to the next project. Also letting go of perfectionism while creating was a challenge, but hey after all it worked out because I finished it!

How do you maintain harmony between your professional and private life?
Which private life? Haha. I get out of bed thinking about music and going to bed thinking about music.

But this is who I am as an artist, so I need this music in my life. But the moment when I a really on standby is when I am on holiday, then is it: hello beach or hello snow, there is no space to think of music.

What words of wisdom do you have for up-and-coming musicians?
As an upcoming artist try to stay as close as you can to who you are with your music. Don’t try to listen to the music industry or try to make music for the charts, just because this is popular now.

I have been there and after a few years, you don’t know for who you make music anymore. You will be more original when you stay with your own strengths and dreams.

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