Tipshan Makes A Sizzling Comeback With ‘All Over’: A Summer Anthem With Soul

The Benin City Native Tipshan Marries Afrobeat and Reggae in ‘All Over’ That’s Perfect for Both the Club and Contemplation

Marvis Amadi Iguodayela, better known as Tipshan to his ever-expanding fans, has a unique place in the vast and vibrant tapestry that is Nigeria’s music industry.

Tipshan is also known as Marvis Amadi Iguodayela. Tipshan rose to prominence originally with his singles “Manya” and “Boat,” and then he took a break from the spotlight, only to return like the sun after a long winter — brighter, bolder, and ready to redefine summer soundtracks with his most recent afrobeat beauty, “All Over.”

Tipshan is a native of the bustling city of Benin in Southern Nigeria, and his musical roots can be traced back to a boyhood that was immersed in reggae aspirations. To fast forward to the present, he has developed into a magnetic force in the Nigerian music circuit, demanding attention not just on the streets but also in the star-studded echelons of the business.

He has achieved this status as a result of his ability to produce music that is both catchy and infectious. His one-of-a-kind hybrid of afrobeat and reggae rhythms is a sonic passport that transports listeners on a voyage across the intricate landscapes of a variety of musical styles.

His long-awaited comeback song, “All Over,” is a delicious concoction of funky sounds and hot emotions, and oh my, it strikes in a fresh way. The tune, which was produced with the expertise of iLLYTHAGREAT draws listeners into an Afrobeat paradise that is complemented by Tipshan’s powerful vocals.

Tipshan Makes A Sizzling Comeback With 'All Over': A Summer Anthem With Soul
Tipshan Makes A Sizzling Comeback With ‘All Over’: A Summer Anthem With Soul

Just picture it: The sun goes down on a Friday night, and the night ahead promises to provide nothing but genuine and undiluted happiness. That is the essence of what “All Over” conveys.

The song provides not only a beat but also a story, delving into the inner world of a young guy who is caught up in the thrill and uncertainty of weekend exploits. The lyrics of Tipshan crackle with the sincerity of someone who has been there, done that, and survived to tell the story.

This is the type of music that you would play to start off a night of celebration or to wind down a Sunday brunch; it delivers an atmosphere that is as adaptable as the artist who created it.

Tipshan has always been talented in the art of musical storytelling, which is a discipline he has refined since he was a little boy. It seems like the first chapter in a new saga for the artist, one in which his voice is stronger, his rhythms are tighter, and his ability to convey stories is at its pinnacle. “All Over” is the first chapter in this new epic.

If you’re putting up the ultimate summer soundtrack, leaving out “All Over” would be doing a disservice not just to your ears but also to your spirit. Everyone, Tipshan has returned, and he has brought the warm weather with him.

In terms of both the atmosphere and the music, you should be ready to feel the temperature rising.

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