Terry Jones Tags Dashius Clay For New Joint “They Call Me El Guapo”

What took us so long to find out about these two treasures? Hopefully, it’s not too late to enjoy our most recent finds; we think you’ll like them just as much as we do.

The new track “They Call Me El Guapo” by American rapper and comdedian Terry Jones features Dashius Clay.

This modern composition combines the essence of Latin rhythms with the main elements of hip-hop, reflecting the expanding impact of Latin music on the American rap scene.

The lyrics are new and amusing, and the artists’ ability to flow in time with the music and feel the beat is evidence of their fundamental musicianship and ability to empathize with the song.

You can tell they’re skilled poets and talented artists simply by watching them bounce. They put a lot of thought into their sound and technique.

The intensity and cadence of this track are through the roof. They have an assured and daring rapping style. They carry themselves with an air of confidence that is unmatched.

Terry Jones’s ability to branch out into new artistic fields, such as music, and his commanding presence on the mic are both impressive. There’s no disputing that he’s got mad rap skills.

By fusing Latin rhythms with his rap style, he has created a dynamic and powerful track that is a testimony to his originality and adaptability. Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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