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“Calling” Is Waymi’s New Heartfelt Romantic Song

We haven't had music this sweet to offer our devoted listeners in quite some time, but now, all thanks to Waymi, we do. The new song "Calling" was inspired by real-life romantic storytelling rich in spirituality and tranquility. The Nigerian singer's music has a catchy beat and lively melodies that instantly transport listeners to a world full of love and celebration. The track's blend of traditional African...

Edoh YAT – Wind Remix ft Guru & Medikal (Official Video)

Edoh YAT - Wind Remix ft Guru & Medikal (Official Video) Edoh YAT finally dishes out the music video to the remix of his song "Wind" which features Guru and Medikal shot and directed by Mitch. Watch it below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y33jRBWUfU

The Unveiling Of Jesse Pringle’s Panorama ‘Other Side’ – A Sonic Exploration Of Self

Jesse Pringle's Newest Album - A Musically Rich, Story-Telling Masterpiece Expanding the Boundaries of EDM and R&B. Kansas City-based singer-songwriter-composer Jesse Pringle continues to break...