Muse L’Artiste Brings Global Female Voices Together With ‘Herstory’ And ‘No Sh!t’

Muse L’Artiste came up at a time when the R&B industry had become stale, injecting it with a new dose of genuine passion and Cameroonian soul.

Muse is not just a musical powerhouse, but a symbol of female agency in the traditionally male-dominated field of music production, since they are at the forefront of the all-female label Powher Sound.

Muse is a GRAMMY-member band whose music provides an authentic, emotional experience to its listeners. Her Cameroonian upbringing has influenced her music, which is a varied tapestry of genuine and approachable tones. Her music stands out because of how it fuses elements from many cultures to tell tales, express feelings, and make an impression on the listener.

Her storytelling abilities as a songwriter, which combine the raw honesty of a diary with the precise detail of a book, are remarkable. Muse’s powerful and emotive voice puts her in a class of her own, taking listeners to other worlds of music and feeling.

Muse’s ground-breaking 2022 album release, ‘Herstory,’ celebrates and promotes female musicians throughout the world. This album, released on her groundbreaking label Powher Sound, brings together women’s voices from all around the world to forge a new path in inclusive music creation.

With her new single, “No Sh!t,” she takes a deep dive into the alternative R&B genre. The song is a powerful tribute to individual worth, charting the release from toxic connections. Muse’s powerfully emotive voice carries a moving message of strength and independence, making the song an immediate anthem for many.

Muse L'Artiste Brings Global Female Voices Together with 'Herstory' and 'No Sh!t'
Muse L’Artiste Brings Global Female Voices Together with ‘Herstory’ and ‘No Sh!t’

Muse L’Artiste has received acclaim throughout the years for her groundbreaking production, emotionally resonant songwriting, and distinctive musical style. Another example of her willingness to subvert the norms of R&B, “No Sh!t” provides a breath of new air to fans of the genre.

Muse L’Artiste’s unique sound and dedication to emancipation stand out wonderfully amid a sea of musical flux, serving as a powerful reminder of the transformational potential of music when directed towards a higher goal.

Could you tell us about the creative process behind the song?
I wrote this song about 6 months ago. I was playing around with this instrumental I had produced and one day that was it, all of a sudden the hook came to me and from that point everything else followed in a very natural manner. I was truly inspired, and when inspiration comes to me like this, I just have to follow through. For me, it was clearly inspiration coming from the Divine.

What inspired you to create this particular track?
It was reminiscent of things that I’ve gone through in the past and it was a way for me to explore that process of growth and evolution.

There was this moment in my life when I realized or reminded myself – should I say- of my value. And only then I was able to face whoever was trying to break that confidence.

I felt that it was important for me to tell that story, not only to help me but also to help other people who’ve gone through and are going through similar experiences.

You’ve undoubtedly developed a unique sound and style to fit into your musical journey, how does it showcase your growth and artistic evolution?
As an artist and a producer, it takes a long time to actually craft a sound, something unique but also accessible. Understanding what’s happening out there and at the same time staying true to yourself and being authentic is not an easy thing to do.

I had to work hard, learn a lot, develop and sharpen my skills and also build a huge amount of confidence. I had to know myself on a deeper level and know what I wanted and how to deliver it. I can confidently say today that I know who I am as an artist and as a producer and I know exactly where I wanna go.

Can you share the underlying message or theme that you wanted to convey through this song?
It’s a song that addresses the theme of extracting oneself from toxic relationships. It’s about understanding one’s value and not accepting what can’t be accepted anymore. It’s about being strong enough to say no when it’s required. And it’s about elevating oneself against mistreatment.

How do you envision this song resonating with your audience, and what impact do you hope it will have on listeners as this has the potential to become a fan-favourite.?
When I wrote this song, I felt like it could resonate with a wide range of listeners because it’s far from being an uncommon situation. Plenty of people have dealt with not-so-great relationships, a toxic friend, a toxic colleague, a toxic husband/wife, a toxic boss and the list goes on, it’s the same universal story.

My goal was also to create a seamless and effortless listening experience by carefully synchronizing the gentle rhythm of the music with a soothing voice. I wanted to make the overall experience feel effortlessly natural and enjoyable. Ultimately I aspire for the song to serve as a source of help and comfort.

Do you have any exciting plans or projects in the pipeline? Can you give us a glimpse into what the future holds for your music?
I’m already working on my next single and also preparing an album. I can’t wait to share this body of work over the next few months.

How do you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being an artist in today’s competitive landscape?
First I think it’s key to understand how the industry works and how it has been changing in terms of technology, marketing, branding etc etc.

With thousands of tracks being released on Spotify alone every day and with the vast majority of artists not reaching 50 listeners/per month, the real challenge is how to stand out from the crowd.

Crafting a sound that is unique enough while being accessible enough is crucial and the branding has to align with your sound. People are generally logical, they need to see and hear a product that makes sense to them.

Music is not one-sided, and this is, I believe, the fundamental thing that musicians need to understand today. Personally, I also love building my network which is essential, I have met and collaborated with a number of established and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

Parallel to that, I have developed a deep understanding of the music business which helps me make much better decisions and of course, I still have a lot to learn. It’s a never-ending process.

Are there any other musical genres or styles that you are interested in exploring in your future releases?
As a producer, I’m pretty eclectic as I’ve produced Hip-Hop, EDM, Afrobeats, Makossa, Pop, World Music, and even some Mexican music! So I love exploring different genres.

But as an artist, my plan is to pretty much stay on brand and see how I can bring my contribution to R&B and shake it up a little by bringing it back to its essence.

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