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Amo Achille – INNOCENCE (Official Music Video)

Amo Achille - INNOCENCE (Official Music Video) Amo Achille, the frequent collaborator and producer of the Afrobeat rising star, Bizzy Salifu gears up to release his first album, beginning with the release of his first single titled 'Innocence'. At the crossroads of Afro House, Dancehall, and 90s R&B, Amo Achille's music, sensual at will, is this subtle mix of genres ready to arouse your senses. https://youtu.be/cZR-A83xiks

Wrené Nova’s “Metamorphosis” – A Sonic Exploration Of Growth And Self-Discovery

Wrené Nova's most recent album, which is titled "Metamorphosis" is an audio journey that enables significant changes. As a result, it pushes the boundaries of what is considered to be possible in Canadian popular music and sets a new standard for inventiveness and creative expression. The album named "Metamorphosis" surpasses its classification as a simple musical collection, as it goes on an introspective trip that...

Shane Rennison Captivates with ‘Live At The Outlier Inn’ EP

The new EP "Live at the Outlier Inn" by Shane Rennison who is an American born singer-songwriter with roots from upstate New York in...