BOWIE Is Asking You To “Stay” In Latest Single

When you hear this singer’s seductive performance on this song, you can’t help but want to hear more of her music. An excellent tune in every respect.

German artist BOWIE has just released a new track titled “Stay.” It’s a love ballad that may double as a holiday tune. That is just stunning.

There is a fusion of musical styles in this track, which is described as a love confession transformed into a lovely and joyous Christmas song, with orchestral sounds and a head-nodding pace.

That sounds like a fascinating, broad piece that would be a great addition to BOWIE’s songwriting and poetry arsenal. As a new and exciting piece of holiday music, it is both wonderful and energizing.

Finding someone who makes everything feel effortless is the subject of this enchanting song, which captures the essence of the season and offers a fresh take on the traditional Christmas carols.

Speaking about the song she says that, “Christmas means heading home, lying beneath the stars on the road – not that there will be many cars in the one-horse town I come from – doing puzzles in the family’s safe space without make-up and in jogging clothes. It’s about constructing my Lego Millennium Falcon, joyfully singing cheesy songs with my family”

It is certain that “Stay” will be well received by individuals who take pleasure in contemporary renditions of love ballads and Christmas carols. Listen to it!

Listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.


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