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Kweku Smoke x Hordzi – Trapper Of The Year feat. Kwaku DMC (Official Video)

Kweku Smoke is back with another track, this time referring to it as "Trapper Of The Year." With the help of Hordzi, the two included Kwaku DMC in the track. Take a look at the video that Kojo Tommy shot and directed down below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtfF6dz9Rf0

Kaiwyn Shares A Melodious Prescription Dubbed ‘The Cut After The First’

We'll be highlighting a musician who trained as a physician but now writes songs with a skill that matches his professional background today. Here comes Kaiwyn, a stethoscope-wielding healer and musical master from Australia. During his adolescence, Kaiwyn documented his experiences via blogs and poems, which marked the beginning of his musical journey. His little stories began to take on a beat of their own,...

Shane Rennison Captivates with ‘Live At The Outlier Inn’ EP

The new EP "Live at the Outlier Inn" by Shane Rennison who is an American born singer-songwriter with roots from upstate New York in...