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The Dust Collectors Releases A Symphony Of Styles ‘Hanlon’s Razor’ EP From The Heart Of Canada

Exploring the Folk-Rock Fusion in 'Hanlon's Razor'. A band from Calgary, Alberta, with a sound as diverse as Canada's landscape, has emerged. The Dust Collectors are an interesting alternative folk quintet whose sound spans from country and blues to rock with a heavy folk influence. Matt Easton (lead guitar and vocals), Steve Rozitis (bass and vocals), Scott Stolee (drums and vocals), and Luke Giblin (lead...

TeePhlow – Wossop ft. Kwe (Official Video)

TeePhlow - Wossop ft. Kwe (Official Video) Ghana's King Of Wordplay, TeePhlow is finally out with the videos to his song dubbed "Wossop" which features Kwe. The video was shot by MMNI. Enjoy it below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtW2hEFU9VQ

Rebirth Marks Nana Debrah’s Triumphant Return To The Rap Game

Nana Debrah's "Rebirth": A Triumphant Return to the Rap Game. In the relentless waves of the music industry, talent sometimes retreats beneath the surface only...