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Mama Blue Bewitches With Timeless Tales In New Single ‘Mother Of The Night’

From the sun-kissed lanes of Athens emerges Mama Blue, a songstress whose voice seems to harness the very essence of nightfall. Her voice, a sultry echo reminiscent of Twilight's embrace, is on full, mesmerizing display in her latest single, "Mother of the Night." Few songs possess the power to transport, to ensnare; this is one of them. While many young artists seek the latest trends, Mama...

Guru Nkz – Eye Nwanwa ft Dr Likee (Akabenezer) (Official Video)

Prolific Ghanaian rapper, Guru NKZ has shared the music video to his song "Eye Nwanwa" and he features Dr Likee in this new video shot and directed by Prince Dovlo. Watch and enjoy the music video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFNxjK6ofz4

The Breath Of Fresh Air Maria Deirisarri Unveils New Album “In the Beginning”

An original piece of art has been made by Maria Deirisarri, who lives in Atlanta. With her most recent album, "In the Beginning," she...