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Carson Ferris Takes Us Back To “1999” With A Nostalgic Pop Anthem

With "1999," Carson Ferris takes us back in time in music's ever-changing universe. Provo, Utah-based pop virtuoso skillfully blends elements of Michael Jackson's early work with the contemporary charm of OneRepublic, delivering a nostalgic pop anthem that beckons us back to the heyday of the '90s. Carson Ferris, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Provo, Utah, has carved out a unique niche for himself in the world...

G Ranks – In Effect Freestyle (Official Video)

G Ranks - In Effect Freestyle (Official Video) Ghanaian rapper G Ranks is back again with a hot freestyle titled "In Effect". It is speculated that he took shots at fellow rapper Kweku Smoke again. In Effect, freestyle is a witty rap song proving the rapper's lyrical prowess. https://youtu.be/wcNPnVkzQSs

J. Matthews A Storyteller’s Journey Through His Latest ‘Courage’ EP

J. Matthews is a distinctive force in the world of modern pop music. He has created a one-of-a-kind aural environment that speaks to listeners...