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Bisa Kdei – Ofie Nipa feat. Sista Afia (Official Video)

Bisa Kdei - Ofie Nipa feat. Sista Afia (Official Video) https://youtu.be/I4KIj2uv-iQ

Himmat Singh Revitalizes Punjabi Folk With Modern Flair In New Single “Akh Kashni”

Emerging Artist Himmat Singh Blends Tradition and Contemporary Sounds in a Fresh, Dynamic Track "Akh Kashni" Himmat Singh has emerged from the busy music scenes of San Francisco and Los Angeles. His new single "Akh Kashni" is a modern take on a traditional Punjabi folk song, sure to make a big splash. This song gets the spirit of Punjabi music while adding modern pop and R&B...

Baba Kuboye’s “Cultural Canvas” Album Is A Celebration Of African Heritage

The album title of Baba Kuboye's most recent record is "Cultural Canvas," and it's an extravagant blend of songs and stories that honour his...