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Strongman – Fix It (Viral Video)

Strongman - Fix It (Viral Video) Strong Empire frontline, Strongman is here with the music video to his song "Fix It" which intends to support the #FixTheCountry campaign. Watch below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zT-ilSlhTHw

Sofi Vonn Out With Her Newest Single “Contagious” Off Forthcoming EP

Sofi Vonn, a London-based New York-born electronic pop singer, has released her latest track, "Contagious" from her upcoming EP later this year. It is a song that covers a wide range of emotions and addresses a variety of societal concepts, including love, sexuality, and other common emotions that are both strong and relevant. "Contagious" acts as a reflection of society, showing its accomplishments, problems, and ambiguities...

CTT Beats Recruits Jolly B and Danson For New Drill Tune “Ole”

This kind of music has the potential to reach a wide audience, therefore you shouldn't settle for anything less than extraordinary performance and an...