Solitary Friends Emerges With Album “Sum Of More”

Solitary Friends is a Los Angeles dark pop band composed of three individually outstanding musicians, including songwriter and lyricist Ken Lamere, who also plays guitar for the band. Nick Liberatore, the band’s fantastic drummer who has previously been on places like Comedy Central, and Michelle McGregor, the leader of Solitary Friends, an MFA acting graduate, have experience in numerous bands around Los Angeles. Solitary Friends’ music has been compared to that of Blondie, PJ Harvey, and the darker side of pop. They have an aggressive rock-n-roll sound with earwormy and catchy songs that make you want to move your feet.

“Sum of More,” the latest album by Solitary Friends, is a collection of ten fresh and bitingly descriptive songs. Their most recent album features keyboardist Doug Petty from Tears for Fears. This record has everything, from lovely chords to ear piercing drums. Some of the album’s songs will appear in season 2 of AMC’s Kevin Can Go F*** Himself.

Solitary Friends is on a mission to make LA dance despite itself. Have a listen to this album and be the judge for yourself.

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