Silver Jack Shares A Captivating Journey Through London’s Streets

Silver Jack has been avidly pursuing a career as a singer, songwriter, and composer since relocating to London a little over a year ago.

His existence in the city has been an endless well of inspiration for his music, offering a raw glimpse into the mind of an artist in search of a permanent address.

The new Silver Jack Album, “Remember” is an emotional appeal for fans to keep him in mind as they go on. All eleven of the album’s great tunes, from introspective introspection to rousing choruses, include words that are both beautiful and profound.

The streets of London and its people are brought to life in “Remember,” a record of Silver Jack’s adventures across the city. The album’s unconventional fusion of pop and electronica generates a sonic environment that whisks listeners away to another planet, immersing them in the complex web of feelings Silver Jack weaved into his songs.

The album “Remember” will stay in listeners’ heads long after the last note has gone because of the record’s evocative melodies and lyrics. Silver Jack’s talent as an artist is on full display throughout the album; he can play many different styles of music and yet strike a chord with his listeners.

Don’t miss out on Silver Jack’s magical adventure across London in “Remember.” It’s an album that will stay with you, a demonstration of how music can reflect the universality of human experience.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
I suppose The Beatles and Louis Armstrong are my biggest influence. Their adaptability in music which is creating music in different genres and different moods respectively is the fact that had an effect on me. I discovered the Beatles too late when I was 15.

But the story of the fab four immediately made me pick up guitar lessons and start “composing” as we say in India, or here “songwriting”. It wasn’t until I heard music from The Beatles, that I realized, I myself am a musician despite being born in a family where music is our very livelihood.

However, bringing inspiration from a band from the sixties can only take you so far. I had to adapt quickly to the current trends and make my music relatable. Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar’s influences helped with production and even though I don’t agree with Ye on a personal level, his songs spoke utter truth which I agreed with and was influenced by. He has that particular power over people.

What inspired you to write your latest album/song?
I am currently living in London and I have been here for almost two years. I wanted to form good relationships, and friends, find my way to music, and have a successful career and I expected London to give me all these things like many artists do.

I have seen things that I love, I have seen things that I question the humanity of people. I have sensed and grown with this city in a way that I found myself attached beyond reason. And now living in London during several wars, and other socio-economic crises, I understand my job as an artist.

I saw a video of Nina Simone explaining the duty of an artist. It was to reflect the times. Hip hop labels it in a very interesting word, “The Culture”. In a way, the album is about the things that I went through here.

Silver Jack Shares A Captivating Journey Through London's Streets
Silver Jack Shares A Captivating Journey Through London’s Streets

What message do you hope to convey through your music?
I hope to convey that kindness is the most important thing in the world. I faced rather unlikely things during my journey as an artist.

Some pain, some happiness, some anger and sometimes just silliness. But all around, I always try to be kind and self-control is the game. A person who has control over his mind controls everything. Faced with emotions that are contrary to your liking, the choice is always yours.

I replaced the sadness that no one was taking me seriously as an artist with the thought that someone will remember me as an artist at their door remembering the part of life I had with them. That is the message, to remember with kindness.

What was the most challenging aspect of recording your latest album?
I am a guitarist. I use the guitar to write and record songs. During production, which was handled in London, I did not bring my professional guitars from India as I was living here. I did not have a budget for another one.

So I was faced with almost the toughest time making music without a guitar base or backing. But somehow when I was done, I realized that the thought was just in my mind. As musicians, you have to not be dependent on instrument backing for your songs. Your songs should exist nevertheless and it should make sense. Only songs like this ever make a difference.

So what I thought was challenging did not meet it but I still had a tough time during production. Also, due to budget constraints, I could not use further computer-based vocal correction software. So whatever you hear is my actual voice, comped and equalized and I believe that was not my best but my compositions have masked it successfully haha.

What has been your favourite moment or experience as a musician so far?
One of my friends called me a vibe! I loved that feeling. But the best feeling was when my dad, M Jayachandran, who is a very honoured and established musician himself in India, gave me his professional opinion of each of the songs and so did the legendary orchestral lead, Mr Rex Isaacs who has played for songs for over 200 films another honoured musician gave similar output for this first album of mine. All my colleagues, my friends, my family everyone was surprised at the seriousness of this album and even on youtube, there were good reviews.

How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
Well, working with music can also be addictive. Like any other drug that we take, music also If not taken in required amounts can also cause addiction. Sometimes there are days when I would just sit in front of the piano without knowing the passing of time until it was night and the room became darker.

So meditation is something that I do to clear my mind. I am a devoted practising Hindu as well so keeping myself calm and composed with prayers is also something that I look forward to.

How do you handle negative criticism or feedback on your music?
Well, I believe in my music. I only listen to stuff I believe is good music and I try to make music to the best of my capabilities. But, you cannot please everybody. This is the other side. If they don’t like my music, well they don’t. I cannot change anybody’s opinion but I can choose how to react to it and also I can also try to learn from the feedback. Balance is important.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry?
Well, I have not figured that out myself but If I can give one piece of advice is that your job as a musician is to connect with your audience. Do everything that gets you closer to this. “An artist’s job is to reflect the times.” Do that and you will get your satisfaction. I did, I have the satisfaction of that.

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