Shuwga – Odo Kan (Official Video)

Shuwga – Odo Kan (Official Video)

Shuwga – Odo Kan (Official Video)

Ghanaian Artist “Shuwga ” is out with a new track title “Odokan“. A lot of people ask why ODOKAN?

The whole song is basically focused on a young girl who has fallen head over hills in love with a guy and getting the same affection back makes her feel how genuine the love is, this song has the highlife afrobeat vibe. ODOKAN was never planned.

It started with just mumbling words to a beat bought on YouTube, It sounded great so it was recorded after about a week of rehearsing this great song inside the TeddyMadeIt studio.

However, a lot of people called it a hit song and others called it a banger. Shuwga is a 23-year-old rising artist, who originates from the eastern region of Ghana in a town called Akedwaso but lives in Tema. Shuwga is an independent artist who isn’t under any record label or personnel but hoping to make it into the industry with her hard work and determination.

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