Shane Rennison Unveils Indie-Pop Magic With ‘Nice To Meet You’ EP

The “Nice To Meet You” EP by Shane Rennison is his most current indie-pop work, and it sounds like something you know. Each page depicts the sights and smells of the Catskill Mountains, a place that has left its mark on Rennison’s heart.

This artist from the Catskills makes his sound while also channelling the honed elegance of The 1975, the exciting vibes of Passion Pit, and the charming touch of Harry Styles.

Shane’s path to becoming a musician wasn’t easy. This is symbolic of many interesting stories. He learned to play the trombone as a child and had a life-changing experience in Paris. From those initial notes, music became the way he found his way back home.

As the devastation of 2020 continued, he ran away to the Catskills, which were a safe place to be. Chance put him in touch with producer Julian Giaimo here, and the two of them went on to work together successfully.

I like the song “Cold Winter,” which sets the scene with spooky piano notes that quickly build into a thrilling finale. This peak is the main idea behind Rennison’s music and the most significant element of the record.

Shane and Julian worked together on the single “Ghost,” which has a stylish funk sound and the truth of relationships that are struggling to stay alive. Julian is not only a genius songwriter, but he also makes people want to be artistic.

At the same time, “Another Chance” sways with desire and reggaetón riffs, “Drunk” shows how much Rennison loves 90s rock, and “Temptations” is a musical trip to sunny beaches.

Shane Rennison has released an extended play (EP), which is beautifully made, skillfully tells stories, and dives into sound worlds of the highest quality possible.

The artist spent most of his time writing music at his home in the Catskill Mountains in New York, where he has lived for many years. He says that this place is very important to him because it inspires all of his artistic work. He then explains why this setting is important.

Shane Rennison Unveils Indie-Pop Magic With 'Nice To Meet You' EP
Shane Rennison Unveils Indie-Pop Magic With ‘Nice To Meet You’ EP

Additionally, Shane will be putting out a live EP at the end of November. The EP will have two music videos. Shane will also set a full-length record at the start of 2024.

Shane Rennison’s music doesn’t just tell us to listen; it also makes us feel. It takes us with him, one honest note at a time, through the highs and lows of the mountain range and the valley below.

You can connect with Shane via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or a website.

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