Sam Akins Desires To Find Strength In New Song “i’m fine, i’m ok”

Sam Akins’ new song “i’m fine, i’m ok” delves into themes of inner power, tenacity, and the disparity between how someone displays themselves to the outside and their hidden troubles.

This is a prominent theme in music and art because it may speak to many people who have suffered terrible times in their lives, as the song portrays the notion that even when confronted with difficult situations, people may disguise their anguish when dealing with others.

Subjects like this one provide solace and connection to individuals who have had similar situations, making them feel less isolated in their troubles, and the 26-year-old gifted singer-songwriter served that goal.

It’s an inspirational and motivating piece of music with vibrant and enticing melodies that provide an upbeat vibe to the song, and he produced deep and approachable lyrics that dive into personal issues.

This reflects the concept of inner power and perseverance, expressing a sense of commitment and hope, and Sam utilized this song as a means of connecting with his emotions.

The young musician created a well-composed Afrobeats song that builds a sense of empathy, allowing listeners to feel his journey and possibly find peace or encouragement in their own lives.

Afrobeats today have a global audience, and songs that examine these topics usually have universal appeal. It has the ability to reach and relate to people from all walks of life, including you.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram.


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