Rukmani Dishes Out New Engaging Single “No Social Media”

After a long absence, we return to reacquaint you with another gifted vocalist; her name is Rukmani, and we are confident that you will adore her music.

The latest tune by the Nigerian singer, “No Social Media,” serves as an initial proclamation and encouragement for those who have felt the stifling grip of societal expectations.

She has reclaimed her independence, self-esteem, and the strength to reject naysayers through her decision to abstain from social media, which signifies more than simply a rejection of popular digital channels.

The song’s strength stems from its ability to affirm oneself, give one agency, and reject negativity head-on. Her story makes it a strong tribute to the need to put one’s well-being before societal pressures to comply.

The point isn’t just to stop using social media; it’s about taking back control of one’s life.

As she sings in a beautiful voice, she encourages people to stop relying on internet approval and instead focus on building genuine relationships and following their dreams.

Just by reading this, you can tell that this music is going to be around for a while. You can see how long it will last. Include it in your playlist right away. Listen and watch the video below.

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