Rosina Buck Unleashes A Song Of Survival And Strength “Like A Lion”

There is more to Rosina Buck‘s story than just music. There is also a story of change.

She broke the silence with “Like a Lion,” a song about an artist who turned her problems into wins and showed that making art can be the deepest form of revolt. She has turned her problems into victories.

For six years, this tune has been being worked on. It’s not just a song; it’s a moment in time that was turned into music.

Rosina has been travelling in the music world for a long time and has learned a lot over the past twenty years. She does a lot more than just act; she turns life into art.

For her, the only rules are to live freely, make music without boundaries, and let your inner self be free. She is a singer and a guide who uses song and spirit to help people reach their full potential.

The song “Like a Lion” was written by Rosina just before she started her own spiritual journey. The lockdown really helped her with the healing process and gave her time to think and a one-of-a-kind chance to enjoy the peace that comes with healing and being a parent.

For several months, Rosina couldn’t decide if she should release the song. Today, though, she shares her moving song with the world. The search for truth has fed her soul.

There’s more to “Like a Lion” than just a sad song about a broken heart. She tells a true, moving story from the bottom of her heart. The raw mix of pain and drive in the words shows the spirit of two hearts that are moving apart as they ride the rough seas of separation.

Rosina Buck Unleashes A Song Of Survival And Strength "Like A Lion"
Rosina Buck Unleashes A Song Of Survival And Strength “Like A Lion”

There is more to Rosina’s vision than meets the eye. It is a call for everyone who hears it to make their own holy space in the world. Her next album will have thirteen songs and will come out in early 2024. It will show how her work has changed over time.

The music video for “Like a Lion” shows how strong Rosina’s will is. You want to not only listen but also tell your own story about how you got through hard times. You might be able to hear your own scream in Rosina’s mirror if you look really hard.

As I unfurl this new chapter of my life (this is the first piece of music I have released since 2015) it feels like a monumental juncture for me as an artist. My soul has traversed the winding paths of self-discovery, navigated the chaos of addiction and emerging with the light of radical self-love. I have walked the path of sobriety for four years, and with this release, I am ready to share my story.

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